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Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Tired of thinking what to pack for lunch everyday? Here are some packed lunch ideas that might interest you. Packed lunches for adults and kids are quite a headache, aren't they? We've tried simplifying them for you. Check them out!
Neha Joshi
A lunch break lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes for children and a maximum of 45 minutes for adults. Although it may seem simple, packing a lunch everyday is not a simple task and I completely sympathize with all those mothers and wives who have to think of some new lunch ideas everyday. No one likes to have a boring meal and along with the taste, a lot of other things like quantity, nutritional value and variety have to be kept in mind everyday. Here are some ideas for packed lunches you can go through.
Packed Lunch Ideas for Adults
With work hours that make reaching on time very important, investing time looking for ideas for packed lunch doesn't sound a good option. Time is money, isn't it? How much should one think and plan for a lunch that lasts a maximum of 45 minutes everyday? It's a very monotonous thing to do everyday, I agree, but then who has a choice? Everyone wants those packed lunches for work where they don't have to waste time everyday in thinking, what tomorrow? Here are some ideas that will make you plan that everyday lunch more efficiently and with spending as less as you can on your everyday diet.
  • Unlike children, adults like to have their lunch once they have finished whatever work they have lined up till lunch. In such circumstances, always pack something that will remain fresh throughout the day like sandwiches, fruits and healthy snacks that are not affected by normal temperatures.
  • Make sure the quantity of the meal is adequate and is enough for an adult. Adults require more quantity and the lunch should be filling. The person shouldn't be left with a partially empty stomach. This will only lead to spending more money for another quick bite somewhere.
  • If you have leftovers from the dinner last night, you can add them to your lunch. This will save your time in preparing something and nothing will be wasted. If the food can be stored for some days, store it and use it whenever you want.
  • Try to avoid foods that make you fat and cut down on junk food as much as possible. Office hours don't let us move around much or exercise and thus all the foods that add to body weight should be completely avoided.
  • Pack foods in foils to keep it warm and also fresh. Freeze juices and drinks so that they remain cool till you consume them. Use only those ingredients that don't spoil till lunch and remains fresh for a longer time.
Lunch Ideas for Adults
Monday Make a sub with some whole wheat bread. Add veggies, salami and mustard. Pack some cut fruit like apples or pear. Take a juice of your choice.
Tuesday Make yourself a burger today and add just salad leaves and mayo along with the patty. Pack more of fruit and pack some soda too.
Wednesday Take a break from bread, and make yourself some pasta today. Make it in simple tomato sauce to save time. Take some apple juice with it and a few bread sticks.
Thursday Pizzas take time to bake so make a pizza sandwich today. Add all the pizza toppings in two slices of bread. Pack a fruit of your choice along with some grape juice.
Friday Take a tortilla and add some salsa dip on it. Add some cheese and meat/veggies to cook a quick lunch. Add some leftover ingredients if you have. Pack some juice or lemon soda and a small snack of protein bars or cookies.
Saturday Grill/boil some fish and store them overnight. Heat them in the morning and use them in a sub or some rice. Also pack a muffin as an addition and some soy milk.

With these ideas, you can also experiment more with the recipes. Keep on trying something new everyday. By this I don't mean cook something new every single day but make the meal a bit different. Don't forget those extra tissues. Ideas for packed lunch are plenty but you also have to keep in mind your nature of work and your lifestyle.
Packed Lunch Ideas for Kids
Unlike adults, children usually have only 15 to 20 minutes to finish their lunch and since this time is very less, pack the lunch easily so that the kids don't waste time unpacking the lunch. There are a lot of lunch ideas but the most important thing to consider in these is variety and nutrition. Though nutrition is very important for adults too, for kids it's the most important for their growth.
  • Pack a lunch that is different everyday but don't make it entirely different. Which means, pack different sandwiches for your kid everyday but don't shift from sandwiches to pizzas to pastas. Children usually don't like constant change.
  • As mentioned before, pack the lunch very neatly and easily so that children don't waste time unpacking it. One more thing to be thought about here is that kids are very messy most of the time and while unpacking something that takes time they might waste a lot of food by dropping it or might lose complete interest.
  • If possible, pack 2-3 different snacks for lunch. Children like small quantities and eat faster if the lunch is packed in such a manner. This also makes them save a little for later if needed as they tend to feel hungry more frequently than adults do. Pack a different fruit everyday to avoid confusion.
  • Make a list of all the foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates and include these in the lunches. This will complete the daily requirement of the essential nutrients and you'll have something new to offer everyday without much thinking. This planning will surely save you from all the confusion later.
  • Don't pack anything that is very dry in nature. Kids find it difficult to eat something that is dry and takes a lot of time to chew. Try to avoid all the foods in these two categories. Pack something that can be eaten easily in the time allotted for their lunch break. If you want to keep it even more simple, just give the kids whatever they ask for so you don't have to think much but keep them away from those unhealthy school lunches.
Lunch Ideas for Kids
Monday Make an egg salad sandwich with mayo and mustard. Add some fries to the lunch or some wedges. Also add a sliced apple and an orange juice.
Tuesday Make a sandwich of fresh vegetables with some sauce of choice. To accompany it, give grape juice and some cream biscuits.
Wednesday A break from the sandwiches and bread, pack some noodles today along with some tasty chicken in Manchurian gravy. Send some apple juice along too.
Thursday Make a double layered sandwich today with veggies on one layer and salami on the other. Pack any fruit of your choice and some lime juice to drink.
Friday Keep it simple today and pack a jam sandwich. Add a munch on crunchy snack like a protein bar and a juice of your choice.
Saturday End the week with some junk food like a pizza or a burger. To still not lose out on the nutrition factor, pack a flavored soy milk drink along.

If you are a working mother and don't have much time to invest in the lunch, planning it is very important so that you don't ignore your kid's health. Plan the entire month and get rid of those everyday questions of what to pack for lunch and what to pack for whom. Along with these ideas, also don't forget to include a liquid in the form of juice, milk or buttermilk even. This will help in increasing the quantity of the lunch and also make a substitute for that boring water.
Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas
In today's world, we usually tend to avoid the health factor during meal planning and go more for the taste. Take out some time and think about all the foods you can include in your lunch that will make it healthy and your daily requirement of nutrition is met. Here are some healthy lunch ideas that might help you pack that healthy lunch everyday.
  • Pack small meals together so that you can have them throughout the day if your nature of work allows you those kind of breaks. This will keep you filled throughout the day and will make you gain less weight since there is no exercise in office hours.
  • Search for the essential nutrient requirements of your body and make sure your lunch covers those. This again, can be done only will prior planning. Include different foods in your lunch that provide these nutrients so that the lunch doesn't look boring.
  • Packing an energy drink is also very important as offices and schools both drain us out mentally. An energy drink can be anything from a simple lime juice to all the fancy energy drinks available in the market. These also quench your thirst by something more tasty than water.
  • Include different types of salads in your lunch. Salads are not only healthy but filling and tasty too. They don't require much learning too as you can experiment a lot with the already existing recipes. Add some sauces to these salads so that they don't taste dry during the lunch.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away so try to take an apple with yourself to work or any fruit that you like. Fruits are the best source of nutrients and you are sure to consume all the necessary nutrients you need.
Healthy Lunch Ideas
Monday Make a salad with as many veggies as you can. Add some lemonade for taste. Also pack some orange juice and some peanuts as snacks.
Tuesday Veggies get boring so make yourself a chicken salad and add some sauce of choice. Also pack a protein bar along with some sweet lime juice.
Wednesday Cut some fruits in the night and in the morning make a quick fruit salad. Also pack some juice of your choice. If you think this won't be enough, make a salad out of some veggies.
Thursday Make an egg and fish salad today to fill your protein requirement. Pack some soy milk along with a fruit of your choice. Also take some assorted nuts to keep munching on.
Friday Cut some fruits in the night and make a fruit dish in the morning. Spice it with some minimum spices and add veggies if you want.
Saturday Make a sub today with brown bread and some fresh veggies. Add some boiled fish like salmon and mackerel. Also pack some grape juice and some fruit.

These healthy lunch ideas are not only for adults but also for kids. Everyone needs a healthy life and a healthy meal is the first step towards it. The packed lunch ideas mentioned above, will help you with the everyday headache for packing a different lunch and will also make sure that you don't waste much time in the process. Hope these ideas for packed lunch helped you and that you are more relaxed about the everyday deal.