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9 Easy and Amazingly Delectable Appetizer Recipes Served on Sticks

9 Easy Appetizer Recipes Served on Sticks
'Well begun is half done' as the adage goes, a delicious and delicately served appetizer is lusciously satisfying, leaving one with a feeling of eager anticipation and positivity for the rest of the meal. Serving appetizers on toothpicks and skewers, with dips and drinks as accompaniments, is a contentment in itself. There are innumerable easy recipes for appetizer to serve on sticks, ranging from fruits and cheeses to barbecued veggies and meat.
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Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Appetizers – Hot and Cold
Hot and cold appetizers
Most appetizers are served hot; however, the trend of cold appetizers has had a successful run as well. But don't confuse appetizers and desserts. Cold appetizer skewer recipes include combinations of frozen fruit, cheeses, and cold meat. Don't include cakes, cookies, popsicles, and the like.
Salad Skewer Appetizers
Caprese salad
Thread tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil onto skewers. Sprinkle a bit of Italian seasoning and enjoy yummy Caprese salad! For a Greek salad, take cubes of tomato, cucumber, onion, and cheese, and fix them onto sticks or skewers. Serve on a bed of lettuce.
Pasta salad
Thread boiled and roasted pasta, chopped and grilled tomatoes, and basil leaves on to skewers and serve with a delicious bean dip. Chop vegetables of your choice, like onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, etc., and serve directly – raw and uncooked. Easy to make, healthy to eat!
Meat Appetizers on Toothpicks and Skewers
Chicken appetizers
Marinate chicken pieces and deep-fry; serve spicy chicken satay. Make an oblong kebab roll of minced chicken, marinate and grill/bake. You can also serve barbecued chicken pieces on skewers with lemon. Marinate chicken pieces in a yogurt-based marinade, along with bell peppers and onions. Grill in a hot tandoor and serve spicy chicken tikka, Indian style, on skewers, along with cold beer.
Meat appetizers
Marinate meat pieces and grill them to perfection. Thread barbecued meatballs on skewers and enjoy with a spicy dip. Grill chunks of sausages, pork, and beef, and thread them onto skewers with grilled veggies. Makes for tantalizing appetizers!
Fish Appetizers on Skewers
Fish appetizers
Grill tender salmon chunks on bamboo skewers and serve garnished with coriander. Encase grilled prawns with dill inside roasted zucchini slices, roll it up, and serve in toothpicks. Thread barbecued shrimp on skewers and serve as a wholesome appetizer.
Vegetable and Fruit Appetizers on Sticks
Veggie appetizers
Grill vegetables, like onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, radish, zucchini, celery, etc., and thread them onto skewers in various combinations. Thread fresh fruits, like apple, strawberry, banana, raspberry, kiwi, blackberry, mango, orange, blueberry, watermelon, etc., on skewers, and for an extra zing, add a few cheese cubes. Serve cold. Grill fruit cubes and thread them onto skewers, or serve individually on toothpicks.
Cheesy Appetizers on Stick
Cheese appetizers
Serve different varieties of cheese individually on toothpicks. Or, thread cheese with veggies and fruits and serve as canapes. Marinate feta and olives in a fennel-based marinade, grill and serve on sticks. Bake mozzarella balls and serve as a cheesy delight.
Miscellaneous Finger Foods on Sticks
Corn dogs and spring rolls
Serve corn dogs with ketchup for a spicy start. Bake miniature spring rolls and serve hot on skewers.
Paneer and mushroom
Grilled cottage cheese or paneer is a very popular Indian snack. Marinate cottage cheese cubes in spicy yogurt and grill. Serve paneer tikka on skewers. You can marinate different mushrooms and serve on sticks, it tastes outstanding!