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Most Famous Chefs

Most Famous Chefs
When it comes to the most famous chefs of all time, chefs like Rachael Ray, Guy Savoy, and Fernand Point come to mind. Read on to know about the most celebrated chefs of all times.
Stephen Rampur
Many of the exotic cuisines and delicacies we eat nowadays are because of the experimentation of people who are experts in cooking. Though the list of the most famous chefs is long, there are some who have reached a respectable level in the world of culinary arts. A good thing to know is that most of the people in this list are men. Nowadays, men do hold more prominent places than women in this profession. Some in this list have even turned into celebrity chefs by hosting their own cookery shows on TV, while others have to their name cookbooks and restaurant chains.
If you happen to visit a city which is a prime location for any restaurant owned by a notable chef, it is suggested to try out their dishes. You will notice that every type of meal is prepared with accuracy and considering some particular standards, which contributes to its perfect taste, smell, and most importantly, goodwill. Also remember that some culinary art professionals have specialized in certain types of cuisines, such as Italian, Chinese, French, Thai, Asian, and many others. On the other hand, there are some who are well versed in preparing a wide range of different cuisines. Many also have received awards from professional organizations regarding their contribution to the hotel and restaurant industry.
List of Most Celebrated Chefs

Sr. No. Name of the Chef
1 Fernand Point
2 Rachael Ray
3 Guy Savoy
4 Daniel Boulud
5 Homaro Cantu
6 Benjamin Christie
7 Fanny Cradock
8 Rocco DiSpirito
9 Fannie Farmer
10 Alex Garcia
11 Hanaya Yohei
12 Amanda Hesser
13 Sanjeev Kapoor
14 Nigella Lawson
15 Nickolas Manosis
16 Masaharu Morimoto
17 Koumei Nakamura
18 Jennifer Paterson
19 Georges Perrier
20 Udo Prambs
21 Gordon Ramsay
22 Eric Ripert
23 Marcus Samuelsson
24 Delia Smith
25 George Stella
26 Oscar Tschirky
27 Andreas Viestad
28 Bruce M Webster
29 Alan Wong
30 Roy Yamaguchi
31 Aldo Zilli
32 Justin Wilson
33 Lesley Waters
34 Phil Vickery
35 Charlie Trotter
36 David Thompson
37 Curtis Stone
38 Joachim Splichal
39 Victor Scargle
40 Michel Roux
41 Paul Rankin
42 John Torode
43 Jason Peppler
44 Jamie Oliver
45 Sara Moulton
46 Rokusaburo Michiba
47 Alex Mackay
48 Dave Lieberman
49 Masahiko Kobe
50 Raymond Jorna
51 Madhur Jaffrey
52 Valentina Harris
53 David Halls
54 Keith Floyd
55 Raffaele Esposito
56 Paula Deen
57 Elizabeth David
58 Christine Cushing
59 Daniel Clifford
60 Vic Cherikoff
61 Chen Kenichi
62 Scott Bryan
63 Greg Brooks
64 Jonnie Boer
65 Paul Bertolli
66 Simone Beck
67 Mario Batali
68 Jehane Benoît
69 Heston Blumenthal
70 Danny Boome
71 Alton Brown
72 Robert Carrier
73 Sam Choy
74 Juan Carlos Cruz
75 Lorenzo Delmonico
76 Patrick D' Amico
77 Tyler Florence
78 Anette Grecchi Gray
79 Pierre Hermé
80 Alexandra Jamieson
81 Sandra Lee
82 Bernard Loiseau
83 Prosper Montagné
84 Raul Musibay
85 Alain Passard
86 Ewald Plachutta
87 Wolfgang Puck
88 Hiroyuki Sakai
89 Jacques Pépin
90 Kurt Massé
91 Graham Kerr
92 Thomas Keller
93 Martha Lloyd
94 Ainsley Harriott
95 Ina Garten
96 Todd English
97 Cat Cora
98 Chen Kenmin
99 Paul Bocuse
100 Michael Barry
101 Bobby Flay
102 Rob Feenie
103 Tarla Dalal
104 Anne Burrell
105 Rick Bayless
106 Michael Chiarello
107 Alain Ducasse
108 Ken Hom
109 Peter Gordon
110 Nobu Matsuhisa
111 Nick Nairn
112 Gary Rhodes
113 Helmut Thieltges
114 Clemens Wilmenrod
115 Stephen Yan
116 François Vatel
117 Pierre Wynants
118 Giada De Laurentiis
119 Stéphanie Tatin
120 Alexis Soyer
121 Joël Robuchon
122 Susur Lee
123 Paul Prudhomme
124 Ming Tsai
125 Kevin Woodford
126 Tom Colicchio
127 Neil Perry
128 Martin Yan
129 Rick Stein
130 Anthony Bourdain

Note that this is not a list made by referring to any sort of rankings or votes. The list of the names above is incomplete and the names are just randomly placed. Eating meals prepared by any of these masters would certainly be a memorable experience. You are always welcome to let us know about your favorite chef in the comment section.