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Oven-baked Hamburgers

Oven-baked Hamburgers

Although the sound of a burger extends our imagination to meat and ham which is slightly an over-weight food (you know that); oven-baked hamburgers are an imperative option to losing weight. Here is the page to know the reason how? And also find out the easy ways to bake these mouth-watering meat buns in an oven!!
Fatima Rangwala
The first blatant reaction of a human when the word hamburger is uttered out of one's mouth is; junk food and high-fat content! Nevertheless, this piece of food is an all time favorite bite and certainly irresistible chiefly pertaining to the way it's prepared. Agreed that hamburgers are high in calories and fats due to the ingredients sandwiched in between the buns, but a negation cannot be always held towards it! When I just mentioned above regarding the way it's prepared simply indicates that there can be other possibilities for preparing hamburgers too, apart from the usual way of slathering and piling ingredients one above another in between the two buns. One of the best method to prepare a scrumptious and a healthy hamburger is to oven-bake it. Honestly, when hamburgers are oven-baked they entirely shift the image of hamburgers from junk food to healthy food! And now I am sure this statement will make you ponder on the flyspeck reason behind it. So here, know why oven-baked hamburgers are an excellent way to lose weight and stay healthy!

Are Hamburgers Baked in the Oven Healthy?

If you are a totally foodie and somehow can't resist the delicious taste of hamburgers, well I say do not compromise. Not at least for once! The method of oven-baking the hamburgers is experimented and invented so that foodies like you do not settle with a thought of I cannot eat the burger 'coz I fright gaining fat and weight! The oven-baked method supports the fact that you will stay in shape and still enjoy the delectable burgers without any fear. So to accomplish this desire anytime at home all you need to do now is, take a look at some homemade hamburger recipes and satisfy your hunger for meat in a different way!

Oven-baked hamburgers are just like pan-fried burgers but the only difference is they are cooked with a minimal amount of oil and fats. Moreover the fats present in the meat is generally high in content and hence if you oven-bake them, all the excessive fat would be drained off from the meat. This is how you get a healthy, fat-free food to eat and enjoy without worrying about gaining weight and things like that.

One quickie to remember! Let not the baking part bear all the burden of being low fat, for a good balance you too have to choose your meat (probably a lean meat) which has the least fat content in it.

Moving on from all the calorie discussions to learning which are the side dishes that actually complements the hamburgers, pastas, macaronis or perhaps a multi-grain bread with green salads would toss out to be a well-balanced meal with it! Whatsoever is your choice of food with the hamburgers, what's important now is the method to prepare the hamburgers. The following information below would give you all that is needed to know how to make hamburgers in the oven.

How to Cook Hamburgers in the Oven

The choice is entirely yours, before the burger is baked, either top it with tangy sauce or a nice delicious gravy. Did you know, according to the American cuisine when the hamburger is cooked in the above manner it is called Salisbury steak!

  • 1 ½ pounds of ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons ketchup
  • 1 can mushroom soup (condensed cream)
  • Seasonings
  • 2 tablespoons cold water
  • 1 raw egg (well-beaten)
  • 1 cup Italian bread crumbs

For preparing this recipe, the first step is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Succeeding to this, the next step is to make sure when you buy a packet of meat, it gives you a substantial content in hamburgers and not a dry one. Next, chop the meat into fine pieces and add them in a bowl. To it add salt & pepper or any seasonings if you have, add eggs, ketchup and the measured quantity of water to the bowl and mix the entire mixture thoroughly. Mix the meat with bare hands to make sure all the ingredients are mixed well. Once the entire mixture is mixed properly, the next thing you will have to do is shape the meat into patties. You can use a patty press machine to do the same.

If you are using hands, pick up a slight quantity of meat, mold them in between your hands, pat it lightly and shape it into the form of a hamburger. If you are using a patty press, place a small quantity of meat at the bottom of the press and press it lightly. In this manner, you can continue doing the same for the rest of the quantity of meat. Arrange all the meat patties on a plate so that they do not crack or lose their bind before the bake. Take a baking pan and place all the prepared patties in it. Also, one last thing to perform on the patties before it shuts in for baking in the oven, is to pour 1 can of mushroom soup on all the patties.

Sit to bake it for a good 20 to 30 minutes duration and keep checking in between whether the meat is cooked well or not. If you think the meat is cooked well, remove the pan out of the oven and serve hot! As discussed earlier you can serve the meat patties in between two buns in the form of hamburgers or you can directly eat the patties with cheesy and yummy pastas or macaronis to define a delicious meal.

Hamburgers that are baked in the oven can complement any food dish and still prove to be healthier for consumption. So after going through this entire article, I am sure you can now prepare a variety of easy recipes with hamburger meat anytime and on any occasion. I hope you enjoyed reading this write up which was based on a simple method of oven-baking the meat and meeting the nutritional requirements your body needs.