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Basic Ingredients in Jello You Perhaps Didn't Know

Basic Ingredients in Jello
Jello is a dessert which everyone loves. But have you ever wondered what is it made of? Find out the answers to your questions in the following article.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
What is Jello Made of
To make jello, the powder has to be combined mostly with water. However, what is this powder made of? The most important ingredient is gelatin. It is because of gelatin the different shapes can be formed. Gelatin is processed structural protein which is derived from animals. Cow and pig hides and bones are used. These parts are boiled which helps in releasing the protein-rich collagen from animal tissues. Once the collagen is obtained, it is filtered a number of times, dried, and then processed to make the powder.
Next, the preservatives are added to the powder so that jello can be stored. Along with gelatin and preservatives, there are other ingredients like sweetening agent, artificial flavorings, and food coloring added. Sometimes, maltodextrin is also added which helps give the smooth and slippery texture to jello. Adipic acid is added to provide the tart flavor. On the other hand, sugar-free jello doesn't include sweetening agents (for obvious reasons). Since the powder goes through a lot of processing, it is not termed as animal or meat product. Apart from regular jello, you will also get kosher gelatin in the market. During the process, instead of animal bones, fish bones and/or beef skin are used.
If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, then it is best to check the ingredients' label before you buy the jello. To make the vegetarian version of jello, a gelatinous substance called agar is used which is availed from seaweed. Root of Kuzu, guar gum, and carrageenan are vegan gelatin.
Heart Shaped Jello
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