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Information on Popular Vintage Cristal Champagne

Information on Popular Vintage Cristal Champagne

Cristal is one of the most exclusive brands of Champagne that comes with a mighty price tag, which in turn has raised its demand. This Tastessence piece delves into the popular vintage versions of Cristal champagne that have recently hit the market.
Mukta Badipatla
"A wine of pure pleasure and a sophisticated gastronomic wine, Cristal is both powerful and delicate, combining subtlety and precision."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master

History reveals that the origin of Cristal links between Louis Roederer and Tsar Alexander II. The wobbly political condition at the time of his rule made the Tsar scared of an assassination. He loved champagne. With a typical green champagne bottle, the chances of hiding a bomb at the base of it were many. Therefore, Czar Alexander II commanded that the champagne in the bottles be made clear and transparent.

Alexander being a great admirer of Roederer's wine requested him to make a customized product for the royal family. Roederer, in order to meet the royal standards, created a sweet champagne called Cristal. Elaborate quantities of Chardonnay and Pinot grapes were mixed from the regions known for producing the best grapes in the world, thereby packing the champagne in clear crystal bottles. This is how Cristal champagne came into existence.

Cristal champagne is not only very famous, but also very expensive. Have you ever wondered if it is just a pretty face or does it really deserve this fame? The careful implementation of exclusive processes involved in making this champagne ensures the consumers of the highest quality product. The high quality of the hand-picked grapes, blended and aged for a perfect aroma and taste is the reason for the high prices of this champagne. It is viewed as an expression of flamboyance. The first commercially available vintage of Cristal came in 1945. Recent vintages of Cristal include the 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006 vintages.

Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2000

"From the outset, the Cristal Vintage 2000 asserts its finesse, balance and aromatic complexity - ripe, precise and persistent but also light, refined and masterfully subtle."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon

A refreshing crispness of the mineral notes and a marriage of precision and elegance, that is Cristal Vintage 2000. The year's greatest wine, consisting of lightly caramelized notes, is aged in the woods. The prevailing fragrance of almonds and flowers will keep you asking for more. The crisp nuts and fleshy fruits give you a caressing mouth-feel.

Flattering Pair: Fish and meat go well along with this wine. This vintage champagne is a good accompaniment to caviar, fish, and shellfish such as scallops, lobster and crayfish.

Price: Cristal Vintage 2000 is about USD 549 on an average.

Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2002

"All the exceptional characteristics of the 2002 vintage have literally been captured in this 2002 Cristal, which is generous and lush, revealing perfect balance between concentration and finesse, freshness and vinosity, intensity and refinement."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon

An ethereal, impudent, audacious, and mundane wine, Cristal 2002 is brilliant yellow with light amber highlights and has a marvelous mousse with regular bubbles. A carefully and precisely blended mixture of honey, nutty dried fruits, and toasted hazelnuts, it is a classic blend of luxury. A finesse of crunchy flavors and a hint of bitterness will seduce your senses long after you have finished the sip.

Flattering Pair: Cristal Vintage 2002 is best served with scallops, John Dory, lobster, fish, and meat dishes. To enjoy its true flavor, serve it at a temperature of 46° to 50°F.

Price: Cristal Vintage 2002 costs about USD 289.

Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2004

"The Cristal hallmarks are evident: purity, precision and the unique harmony of flavours associated with the subtle power of our historic vines, located on the finest Champagne Grand Cru terroirs."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon

Cristal Vintage 2004 has many layers to it apart from being extraordinarily rich and dense. The flavor is rich and sweet with a creamy texture. The mangoes, ripe yellow peaches, and pinkish apricots are responsible for the silky and meaty intensity. A sophisticated formula of acidity makes the wine impeccably refined and precise.

Flattering Pair: This wine can be complemented with crayfish and lightly toasted prawns.

Price: Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2004 costs about USD 238.53.

Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2005

"This Cristal 2005 stands out from all other Cristal vintages due to its aromatic openness and typical "Chardonnay" character."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon

Cristal Vintage 2005, an elegant aggregation of savories like crisp apples, lush peaches, and tangy mandarin oranges, is reminiscent of freshness and a unique class. The palate is caressed by the sun-drenched white and yellow fruits. It is a wine with delicious and lingering hints of caramel and dried fruits. There is an enormous presence of stream of bubbles. With a promise of many years of aging and being selected from old vines, this wine bears a great flavor.

Flattering Pair: This wine is a perfect match with seafood.

Price: The cost of Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2005, on an average, is between USD 150 to 190.

Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2006

"This concentrated, dense, ripe, fresh and long Cristal 2006 is unhesitatingly made using full-bodied, smooth Pinots and fresh, elegant mineral Chardonnays."
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon

A wine with a gleaming yellow-brown texture composed of celestial flavors of lemon, orange, lilies, and crisped nuts are a few ingredients of the mystical Cristal Vintage 2006. When the wine is decanted, the air around is seduced with rich and intense fruity aromas. A perfect harmony of novelty, vivid fragrances, tinges of Tarte Tatin, and Danish pastries make it a princely recipe.

Flattering Pair: You can enjoy a glass of this vintage champagne as an appetizer. It pairs best with white meats.

Price: The average cost of Cristal Vintage 2006 is USD 512.28.

* Prices may vary according to location and offers.

Cristal champagne is always meant for the big events of one's life as it is associated with luxury. There is a lot to it than just being an ordinary wine. So, think twice the next time before treating yourself with any other ordinary wine!