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How to Make Crystallized Ginger Candy

How to Make Crystallized Ginger Candy

Making crystallized ginger candies at home is very easy, when you know the exact technique of preparation. We have explained you the recipe for making this crystallized ginger candy all by yourself. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
The flavor of ginger when blended in sugar coated candies is relished by children and adults alike. Kids find them attractive merely due to their transparency and they enjoy rolling them inside their mouth with their tongue. The taste lingers...

Ginger is an excellent medicinal herb that is used mostly for internal cleansing of body and for strengthening immune system. You can derive the same benefits in a ginger candy that is prepared from fresh ginger roots without amalgamating it with sugar or honey. However, in that case you will not get transparent candies. And kids are more fond of the sweet taste of these candies that is rendered by brushing them with sugar granules and honey. In this article, we have explained you the process of making crystallized ginger candies with sugar.

Crystallized Ginger Candy Recipe

The choice of ingredients to a large extent depends upon the flavor you want to get. If you are more tempted towards sweet flavor, then you can coat it heavily with honey and sugar. Diabetics can have candies that are free from sugar. To get a strong taste you can add a pinch of pepper while crystallizing the candies. Salty flavor is also preferred by many and to achieve the perfect taste, you have to add salt in accurate proportion. The ginger roots should be fresh and juicy. The ingredients required are:
  • Fresh ginger, 500 grams
  • Sugar, 800 grams
  • Water, 4 cups
  • Salt/Pepper, 1 pinch (optional)
Making ginger candies has evolved as a cottage industry business that is taken up by many households. Crystallization takes place when you maintain the temperature at approximately 225 °F while coating the slices with sugar. Thus, you have to provide the exact conditions to achieve the desired transparency. You should remove the uneven spots from the surface of ginger so that you can chew the candies smoothly. The unique concoction of sugar, pepper and salt renders a blend of sweet, bitter and salty taste to the candies. Make sure that the slices are boiled adequately.
  • If you are preparing it for the first time, then you should start with small quantities. Peel the skin completely and then cut slices from it. You can crop the edges to add uniformity to them. Keep the slices least one inch thick.
  • Pour water in a large bowl and add the ginger slices. Turn on the heat and let them boil completely. Keep the heat low and cover the vessel with a lid. It will take at least 10 minutes for the ginger to boil completely.
  • Simmer it and then drain the water completely. The crystallization process can be carried out by two ways. First prepare a concentrated syrup in a pan with sugar and water and dip the candies into it. Keep the heat low and you will observe that the sugar syrup will gradually cover the candies with a transparent layer. Sprinkle pepper and salt simultaneously.
  • Make sure that the sugar doesn't start caramelizing or else, the candies will acquire a burnt brown color. The second method entails tossing the candies with sugar granules over medium heat till they get coated with a thick layer of sugar. The first process is much preferred because it renders comparatively more transparency to the candies.
  • You need to strain the ginger slices for the purpose of drying. Spread the candies on a sheet and allow it to dry in room temperature. The candies when kept inside refrigerator becomes hard quickly. Store it inside air tight bottles to preserve them for months.
If you want to retain the original flavor of ginger, then add moderate amounts of sugar to the candies. You can also incorporate jellies into those candies to make them a delight for your kids.