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How to Freeze Hummus

How to Freeze Hummus
If you are planning to make a big batch of hummus at home, it's possible that you'll have leftover hummus which will need to be stocked up. Here is a Tastessence extract which enlists a few ways to freeze hummus.
Prachi Patkar
Once thawed, the hummus must be refrigerated and consumed within a week. Refreezing of the thawed hummus can lead to contamination and even food poisoning.
Hummus is a creamy dip which is a very good source of proteins and fiber. This spread is made out of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and tahini. This middle-eastern dip adds taste to pita wraps, sandwiches, salads, or pasta. It is a side-dish which is served alongside food.
Since cooking it over and over again can be a cumbersome task, storing it is the most viable option. Freezing hummus is mandatory if it needs to be stored. The lifespan of refrigerated hummus is only about 5-7 days, whereas that of frozen hummus varies depending on the freezing methods. Packaged hummus dip must be consumed within a week of opening the product in order to retain its delectable consistency. For homemade hummus, here are a few ways to freeze the dip.
How to Freeze Hummus
Method I
Keep Handy:
Freezer-safe airtight container

Place the humus that needs to be stored into an airtight container which is freezer-safe.
Container should not be fully filled. Leave about ½ inch open space above the hummus. Frozen hummus tends to expand. Hence, extra space is left to allow room for the expanded hummus.
Cover the container tight with its lid such that no moisture enters the container.
This method of freezing stores hummus for about a month.
Method II
Keep Handy:
Freezer-safe airtight container
Olive Oil

Scoop the hummus that must be stored.
Take an airtight container which can be stored in freezer. While filling in the hummus leave some space at the top of the container. Pour handsome amount of olive oil over the hummus.
Place the lid on the container to avoid air from entering it.
This method stores hummus for about four months.
Consumption of Stored Hummus
When you wish to eat the frozen hummus, you must transfer it to the refrigerator a day or two in advance.
Let the hummus get thawed. If olive oil has been used in freezing, it will separate from the dip. Mix it well.
If the hummus tastes bland, then you can add chopped onions and garlic to make it taste better. Pepper powder can also elate the taste of bland hummus.
If you like hummus warm, heat it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.
How long can Hummus be Stored?
Hummus can be stored for about a week if placed in the refrigerator. Nonetheless, it needs to be frozen for a longer shelf life. Placing hummus in the freezer can extend its life to as long as four months.


Hummus freezer container must be labeled with the date of freezing and its content.
If you consume only small portions of hummus each time:
  • Store it as multiple portions in small-size containers. De-thaw as many hummus portions as required.
  • Store it in baking sheet and freeze it. Once frozen, discard the baking sheet and transfer the contents into an airtight container.
Hummus must be stored in an airtight container to prevent it from getting the smell of other food in the freezer.
If the thawed hummus has reduced consistency, add few spoonfuls of yogurt (preferably Greek) and mix it well. This makes the hummus creamy.

Buying hummus in bulk is easy and light on the pocket. As also, storing leftover is better than cooking it from scratch. However, storing hummus for a very long time can result in reduced consistency and taste which can be mended by adding the right spices.