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How to Store Sweet Potatoes

How to Store Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a very versatile vegetable. You can use them to make anything from fries to pies, and they go well as a side dish with many dishes. The following article is your answer on how to store sweet potatoes so that you can have your delicious vegetable all year round.
Shruti Bhat
Storing raw sweet potatoes in the refrigerator will hamper its taste and texture.

Sweet potatoes can last for months if stored properly. Storage begins with the correct selection of potatoes. Select potatoes that are of medium size. They need to be fresh, clean, tight with unwrinkled skins, and blemish-free. Look for some that have an even tone and smooth exterior without any cracks or scars. Avoid those that have soft and squishy spots―this indicates rot.

Even though you can find sweet potatoes throughout the year, it is best to buy them in their prime season, which is around September end to January.

In case you are wondering how to store sweet potatoes at home, read below to know the best ways to store sweet potatoes.

Short Storage
Step 1: Wipe the sweet potatoes of any debris. But do not wash or rinse them.
Step 2: Wrap them individually in old newspapers.
Step 3: Place them in a paper bag, cardboard, wooden box, or basket, but not in an airtight container.
Step 4: Place an apple in the box to prevent sweet potatoes from budding.
Step 5: Place the box in a cool, well-ventilated, and dark place away from moisture and sunlight. Do not refrigerate this box.
If done correctly, spuds stored in this way can last you for a couple of months. But the temperature needs to be monitored at around 13º - 16ºC.

Step 1: Wash and scrub the sweet potatoes clean.
Step 2: Peel them.
Step 3: Boil the spuds for 15 - 20 minutes.
Step 4: Do not freeze the cooked spuds as a whole. Mash or slice them before transferring them into an airtight container.
Step 5: Squeeze in some lemon juice and mix it well. The lemon juice will prevent it from any discoloration.
Step 6: Allow the spuds to cool before shifting it into the freezer. Also keep ½ an inch headroom in the container before sealing it shut.
Frozen sweet potatoes can last you up to 12 months.

The USDA recommends the following three alternatives to safely thaw frozen sweet potatoes:
1: If you leave them out on the kitchen counter, it will encourage bacterial growth. Therefore, it is recommended that you refrigerate the spuds for a couple of hours till they are soft enough to use.
2: Dip the sealed container in some water.
3: Microwave the container without its lid.
Frozen sweet potatoes can be cooked without thawing; however, the cooking process will take twice as long to cook.
Shelf Life

Form Pantry Fridge Freezer
Fresh 3 - 5 weeks 2 - 3 months -
Unopened Canned 1 year - Never freezer canned food
Unopened Frozen - 5 - 7 days 10 - 12 months
Opened Canned - 7 days Never freezer canned food
Opened Cooked - 7 days 4 - 6 months

*as per Eat By Date

Stored food can last longer if it is stored well. Freezing sweet potatoes in smaller portions will prevent defrosting of the whole lot at once. Also, remember not to store it in a glass or metal container. Avoid using a wet spoon while transferring. Any water content in the container will give the food nasty freezer burns, compromising on its taste, texture, and longevity.