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How to Cook Butternut Squash in Microwave

How to Cook Butternut Squash in Microwave
One of the easiest and simplest methods to cook a butternut squash is to use a microwave. However, you must know how to cook it with proper temperature and ingredients, in order to savor it to the optimum.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Butternut squash is one of those versatile winter vegetables that can be used in a wide range of food recipes. Apart from its taste, butternut squash is also nutritious. It can be cooked in many different ways, like, grilling, roasting, toasting, baking, frying and steaming. Whatever may be the method, you must have a basic idea about the proper ways of cooking butternut squash.
Cooking Butternut Squash in Microwave
Butternut squash can be cooked easily, in a microwave. While most people know how to cook butternut squash in oven, very few use microwave for this purpose. For microwave-cooking of butternut squash, you may either cook the squash in whole or in half or in pieces.
Method: If you want to cook the squash in whole, wash it thoroughly and pat dry, before placing it in microwave. The most important point is to pierce the squash all over, so as to avoid steam build up that can make the vegetable explode inside the microwave. Keep the squash on a shallow dish and place it inside the microwave that is set on high. In case of a medium-sized butternut squash, you have to cook it for around ten minutes. However, larger ones require more time for getting cooked.
METHOD: You may also microwave the squash in half. In such cases, cut the squash into two halves (remove the seeds and pulp) and keep them on a shallow dish, with their open sides facing downwards. Keep the dish in microwave that is set on high and cook for around eight to ten minutes. After that, remove the squash and cover the open sides with waxed paper and cook them for another eight minutes, but this time, with the open sides facing upwards.
Method: Some people cook this squash in whole for around five minutes and then remove it to cut in half. The squash pieces are cooked again for another five minutes, after discarding the inner pulp and seeds. This is also a good method of cooking butternut squash in microwave. Once cooked, you can scoop out the flesh and use it for preparing recipes, like butternut squash soup.
Method: You can cook butternut squash cubes in a microwave. All you have to do is peel and cut the squash into cubes and microwave (on high) these pieces in a covered baking dish for around 10 to 12 minutes. You may also cut the squash in desired shapes and sizes, before cooking or cut it as required, once they are done.
If you want to cook this squash for your baby, wash it thoroughly and make a lengthwise slit with a sharp knife, so that you can remove the inner pulp and seeds. After that, place it on a baking dish with half-inch water. Make sure that the cut side of the squash is facing down. Cook it in the preheated microwave (375° F) for half an hour. Once cooked, puree the cooked squash flesh for infants. In case of toddlers, you can mash the cooked squash and for older babies, just scoop out the flesh and serve.

How long to cook butternut squash? The time of cooking change with the type of cooking for different squash recipes and the size of the squash or squash pieces. For boiling butternut squash cubes, the cooking time is around nine minutes and for steaming, it takes around seven to eight minutes. In case of baking (400° F), it takes around 30 to 40 minutes and for roasting (400° F) it is around 45 minutes. For microwave-cooking, the cooking time may vary with factors like the size of the squash and the power of the machine. This is only a general overview and you have to understand that the squash has to be cooked, till it gets tender. Once you try the different butternut squash recipes, you will develop a fair idea about the right methods of cooking this squash.
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