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Non-alcoholic Beer Brands

The Best Ever Non-alcoholic Beer Brands You Must Know Right Now

Heineken, Clausthaler, Sharps, and Coors are some of the most popular non-alcoholic beer brands available in the market. Here is a detailed list of alcohol-free beer brands, just to make them known to you so that you can take your pick.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Glass Of Light Beer
Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
- Dave Barry
Beer is the perfect idea of fun, enjoyment, and celebration for many adults, all over the world. However, if you are bothered by the alcohol content, you can always have low-alcohol beer as a safe option.
The beer with no alcohol or low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is categorized as non-alcoholic beer. The amount of alcohol content, when categorized as 'non-alcoholic', is different in different countries. Interestingly, these drinks also contain less number of calories. Here are a few brands of beer that are popular amongst people across the world.
Brands Making Non-Alcoholic Beer
Best Non-Alcoholic Brands of Beer
Product with Brand Name Alcohol Content
3.33 oz
Bass Barbican Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.10% 15 Bass
Kingsbury Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.10% 14 G. Heileman Brewing Co.
Kaliber All Natural Non-Alcoholic Brew Light Malt Beverage,
0.50% 17 Guinness
Moussy Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.10% 16 Cardinal
Würzburger Hofbräu Non-Alcoholic Light Malt Beverage,
0.10% 30 Würzburger Hofbräu
Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic Herbfrisches Schankbier,
0.44% 13 Binding Brauerei
Elan Swiss Brew Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.50% 25 Feldschlösschen
St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.50% 24 St. Pauli Brauerei
Metbrau All Natural Draft Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.50% 21 Metropolis
Saint Michael's Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage,
0.73% 17 Eastern Shore Brewing
Other Alcohol-Free Beer Brands List
No-alcohol/ alcohol-free/ dealcoholised beverages do not contain more than 0.50% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). The ones marked as low alcohol do not contain more than 1.2% ABV. Most of the reduced-alcohol beer in the U.S., having 4.2% ABV, are also categorized as light beer brands. Following are some more brand names that fall under light and reduced beer categories.

Some More Brands
Product with Brand Name Alcohol Content
1½ cup
O'Doul's 0.40% 70 Anheuser-Busch
Budweiser Select 55 2.40% 55 Anheuser-Busch
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol 2.50% 67 Pabst
Miller 64 2.80% 64 Miller Brewing Co.
Old Milwaukee Light 3.80% 110 Pabst
Yuengling Light 3.80% 98 D. G. Yuengling & Son
Hamm's Special Light 3.90% 110 MillerCoors
Sam Adams Light 4.05% 124 Boston Beer Co.
Busch Light 4.10% 95 Anheuser-Busch
Michelob Golden Draft Light 4.10% 110 Anheuser-Busch
Michelob Ultra 4.10% 95 Anheuser-Busch
Icehouse Light 4.13% 103 MillerCoors
Keystone Light 4.13% 103 Golden Brewery
Leinenkugel's Amber Light 4.14% 110 Jacob Leinenkugel
Coors Light 4.15% 104 MillerCoors
Leinenkugel's Light 4.19% 105 Jacob Leinenkugel
Anheuser-Busch Natural Light 4.20% 95 Anheuser-Busch
Bud Light 4.20% 110 Anheuser-Busch
Bud Light Lime 4.20% 116 Anheuser-Busch
Miller Chill 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Miller Genuine Draft Light 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Miller High Life Light 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Miller Lite 4.20% 96 MillerCoors
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Amber 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Blonde 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Wheat 4.20% 110 MillerCoors
Milwaukee's Best Light 4.20% 98 MillerCoors
Schlitz Light 4.20% 110 Pabst
Henry Weinhard's Amber Light 4.20% 135 MillerCoors

Non-Alcoholic beers are nothing, but, lagers or ales that have less or no alcohol content. Generally, lowest calorie beer is also low in ABV (Alcohol By Volume). These are usually meant for youngsters below 21 years of age. The ABV above 4.20% categorizes the beer brew as regular and legal for adults only. Now, here are some interesting facts.
Quick Facts
➡ The actual 'invention and inventor' of non-alcoholic beer is not known. But, it is believed that it was developed around 1919 when the limit of alcoholic beverages was specified to less than 0.5% in the USA. At that time, beer was made all around the world with less alcohol content. Although later the prohibition was canceled, these drinks were to stay!

➡ The taste of non-alcoholic beer is very similar to alcoholic beer. This is because the taste of beer is obtained from other contents, and not from alcohol.

➡ Recovering alcoholics should not switch to non-alcoholic beer as it can lead to relapse. Switching to these substitutes does not help in getting over alcoholism.

➡ Did you know that beer is one of the most popular and widely consumed alcoholic drink? Don't believe it? Well, the Beer festivals or Beer exhibitions (the most popular being the Oktoberfest in Germany) celebrated all over the world prove it.

As a word of caution, note that although non-alcoholic, this type of beer contains traces of alcohol that can be addictive and harmful if consumed in excess. Therefore, consider having it in moderation.
Corona And Heineken Beers
On concluding note, here is a popular quote about beer:
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!"
- Benjamin Franklin

So, what are you waiting for! Grab your bottle and cheers with life!
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