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5 Easy Ways to Reheat Fried Chicken and Make it More Crispy

5 Ways to Reheat Fried Chicken
Have fried chicken leftovers at home? Bake it or braise it to have a crispy texture on the outside, and juicy munch on the inside. Tastessence jots down the best ways to re-heat fried chicken, without compromising on its taste and flavor.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Never microwave fried chicken to reheat it. It brings moisture to the surface of the food, making it gooey.
The succulent and crispy fried chicken served right from oven has no comparison. But an agreed fact, that there are times when we need to pre-cook it, times when the span between preparing it and having it is more. Doesn't it get soggy? Do you compromise with its flavor and texture?

And how about those who enjoy eating leftovers over freshly cooked meals. Yeah, you heard me right. Certain foods tastes so much better the next day, as all the flavors blend so well.

We give you easy ways to re-heat fried chicken, retaining its flavor and crisp. Ponder on.
Ways to Reheat Fried Chicken
The Oven Way
Baking Chicken

♦ Take fried chicken out of the fridge if it's frozen or refrigerated and let it fall to room temperature.
♦ Preheat oven to 375°F.
♦ Place chicken pieces on a baking sheet.
♦ Line them up with an aluminum foil.
♦ Let the golden-brown delicacies heat for 15-20 minutes (depending on the chicken pieces).
♦ Take the chicken out and serve hot. Don't overcook them, as they may get dry.


♦ Preheat oven to 325°F.
♦ Take a brown lunch bag/paper bag. Evenly put chicken pieces in it.
♦ Seal the opening of the bag carefully.
♦ Place it on a cookie sheet, and bake for 20 minutes.
♦ Again, don't over bake it.
♦ Take the bag out and tear the sealing. Serve warm.
♦ For reheating chicken breasts or kebabs, grill on medium heat for 8-10 minutes.
♦ With a meat thermometer, check the temperature of chicken. The internal temperature of chicken should be around 160°F.
♦ Place chicken chunks in a skillet.
♦ Toss them with some water.
♦ Put a lid over it.
♦ Blot pieces on a paper towel to remove excess grease.
The Ziploc Bag Manner
Chicken in bag
♦ Heat water in a large pot up to 150°F.
♦ Put fried chicken pieces in a ziploc bag. Lock it well, so that no water penetrates in.
♦ Lay this bag in the pot of water.
♦ Depending on the chicken piece, take it out from the water pot after it is done. Chicken breasts and thighs will take more time, for about 15 minutes, while legs and wings will be done within 10 minutes.
Chicken Steaming
♦ Take a sufficiently large pot and boil water in it.
♦ Find a dish that fits well if placed over the water pot. Put fried chicken in the dish.
♦ Cover the dish, and keep it for steaming.
♦ Don't let the water in the pot dry out.
♦ Serve hot. Top it up with green onions, or mint, if required.
Deep-frying Chicken
♦ Let fried chicken leftovers come to room temperature.
♦ Heat oil in a deep fryer up to 375°F.
♦ Place chicken pieces in it.
♦ Let it cook until it gets a nice brown color and a crispy crust.
Your fried chicken is re-crisped!
♦ Always gauge chicken's internal temperature with a meat thermometer.
♦ Never touch the bone, insert the thermometer in the fleshy part.
♦ You could brush chicken with olive oil before reheating it.
♦ Store it in a Tupperware container, for it absorbs moisture.
♦ Top fried chunks/chicken cutlets with sauce or gravy for a better flavor.
There you have it! Scrumptious. Crunchy. Fried Chicken.
Deep Fried Chicken
Croquettes On A White Platter
Cutlet On Wooden Background