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How to Zest a Lime: 5 Best Ways You've Always Wanted to Know

5 Best Ways to Zest a Lime
Lime zest is the peel of limes that comes with several uses, and is mostly utilized in cooking. But how is zesting done? Tastessence explains 5 easy ways to zest a lime and also some information on how you can use it.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Multiple Uses
Lime zest is used not only in food, but also as an ant deterrent, a freshener, a skin brightener, a nail whitener, and also for cleaning.
We all are quite used to using lemons and limes in our diet. Just one squeeze, and it changes the flavor of the dish totally. Not only the juice, but its outer peel (zest) also has the ability to add flavor to your food.

Lime zest can be made at home with fresh limes, or you can also buy dried ones from the store. You can also make it at home, dry it, and store it for later use. It can be used in innumerable delicacies.

Zesting is not a very difficult task. The next time you see zest lime in a particular recipe, do not worry. In the following article, you'll learn how to zest limes.
1. Wash all the limes properly before zesting it.

2. The part below the green is white in color called "pith." Do not remove that while zesting because it is bitter in taste.
Best Ways to Zest
Using a Microplane
Zesting lime
Microplane is a type of grater/zester. It is the most widely used tool for zesting.
How to use it?
♦ Hold the microplane in one hand, and the lime in the other.
♦ Use the sharp edges of the microplane to remove the zest and pull down slowly with slight pressure.
♦ The zest maybe dust or done into long strips, depending on the zester's design.
♦ A microplane kept above the lime and pulled is the most effective way.
Using a Zester
Zesting citron
Zesters come in different shapes and sizes. Also, they give decorative long strips, just how you want it to be.
How to use it?
♦ Hold the lime in one hand and the zester in the other.
♦ Keep the sharp edge above the lime and start scraping, applying slight pressure.
♦ You will see the peel coming off in strips. If you don't, repeat it with a bit of more pressure.
♦ Continue till you get what is needed.
Using a Grater
Grated lime skin
Graters have always been used in the kitchen since a long time. They are very good tools for zesting a lime. They give you small pieces, which can be used especially for garnishing.
How to use it?
♦ Hold the grater at an appropriate angle and the lime in another hand.
♦ Apply pressure and move the grater across the lime.
♦ You will find small zest dust falling down.
♦ Remember, do not press too hard as the pith will also be grated, which you wouldn't want.
♦ Continue doing so till you get the desired amount.
Using a Peeler
Lime peeler
We use peelers for peeling most of the vegetables, so why not use them to zest a lime? Peelers work great when you need thick pieces of the zest. You can always cut it with a knife if you don't want it to be thick.
How to use it?
♦ Hold the peeler in one hand and the lime in the other.
♦ Pull the peeler across the lime, and you will see the peel coming off.
♦ The peel can be used as per your necessity.
Using a Knife
Knife used for zest
Don't worry if you don't have a zester or a grater. You can always use the knife. This method may seem inconvenient because it may take a few minutes longer than the other methods. But why not try it? It can't be that bad.
How to use it?
♦ Keep the lime down and hold the knife in your hand.
♦ Try cutting a thin layer of the peel. Do not cut the white part with it.
♦ The peel will be straight and can be modified as you wish. You can cut it or chop it as per the necessity.
Tips to Use Lime Zest
Lime zest can be used in various food dishes. It adds a flavor to the simplest of the dishes, and has been the key ingredient in many food preparations like pickles, chutneys, etc. We'll give you some basic ideas to use the zest.
Use it as a Marinade
Lime coriander
Zest can be used as a marinade while you marinate meat. Some chefs say lime/lemon juice (acid) should not be used because it may make the meat tough. Instead, zest can be used. It can add much more flavor to your meat. Try making a cilantro-lime vinaigrette, and you can use it in salads and other dishes.
Use it to Garnish
Rice with meat
Lime zest can be used as a garnish for varied food dishes. The zest also can be in different forms, like candied zest or simple strips. Garnishing food with zest will give a different and nice citrus flavor. You can garnish simple plain-boiled vegetables or meat to make it tasty and healthy.
Use it on Baked Products
Lime zest dust
Lime zest dust is used in many baking products. It may be used on cookies, cupcakes, or simple bread. The zest we get from graters is mostly used. It can be used to add flavor to iced teas or smoothies. Just a pinch of lime zest, and you're guaranteed to get a fresh and great taste.
So the next time you use a lime, do not throw the peels; instead make use of it. Make some candied zest and see how everyone relishes it. Zest of limes will zest up your food!