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Snakebite Drink

Proceed With Caution! 8 Ways to Make the Infamous Snakebite Drink

The snakebite is a very popular cocktail amongst tipplers. Read the following article and find out more about this drink, its many variations, and their recipes which you can use at home.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018
Various zesty cocktails are one of the best and inseparable parts of every happening party or social event. There are various types of recipes like Bellini, martini, Singapore sling, daiquiris, cosmopolitan, mudslide, brain hemorrhage, grasshopper, bloody Mary, mojito, amaretto, and many more which are extremely popular.
One such sinful cocktail is the snakebite. Snakebite drink is a highly intoxicating and a highly controversial drink. Its strength is said to be really potent, and hence, it induces instant drunkenness. It is also the reason why many proprietors, especially those in the UK, refuse to serve this beverage. However, you can easily make it at home if you are fond of making drink recipes yourself.
For those of you who are not aware of a snakebite, let me tell you that it is a variation of shandy. Shandy is one of the best mixed drinks which is prepared by mixing beer with lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or citrus flavored soda. Original snakebite is made by mixing beer and hard cider in equal parts.
In the UK, it is also famous by the name Diesel, wherein equal amounts of lager and cider are mixed with a hint of Crème de cassis liqueur. This liqueur gives a distinct red diesel like color to this to give it this name. When Diesel is mixed with Pernod, which is an anise flavored liqueur, it is called the Red Witch. Well, here are a few easy recipes that you can refer to for making this one of the best mixed options for total intoxication.
Original Snakebite
  • Stout beer, 4 oz
  • Hard cider, 4 oz
  1. First, fill half of the pint with cider. Then, hold a spoon on the mouth of the pint in an overturned manner.
  2. Then, gently pour the beer over the spoon. This will help you to create the two colored layers in the pint.
  3. Always remember that you need to pour the beer really gently so that it doesn't form too much froth on top of the drink.
Black Snakebite
This recipe is just a slight variation in the original.
  • Lager, ½ pint
  • Cider, ½ pint
  • Blackcurrant cordial, 2 splashes
  1. Take a Pilsner glass and add lager and cider to it.
  2. Now, add the blackcurrant cordial and mix until the drink turns purple in color
Vodka Snakebite
This is a savory vodka mixed drink.
  • Lemon lime soda, 2 oz (use Sprite or 7Up),
  • Raspberry schnapps, 1 oz
  • Vodka, 1 oz
Mix all the ingredients and enjoy!
Split Personality Snakebite
  • Canadian whiskey, ½ oz
  • Tequila, ½ oz
  • Bottled hot sauce, few drops
Mix all the ingredients and create shots of this party cocktail recipe!
Green Potato Snakebite
This is one of the top 10 mixed snakebite shot drinks.
  • Vodka, ½ oz
  • Green chartreuse liqueur, ½ oz
  • Bottled hot sauce, a drop
Take a shot glass and add chartreuse, vodka and hot sauce in it. Your green potato snakebite is ready!
Mocha Snakebite
  • Irish cream, ½ oz
  • Crème de cacao, ½ oz
  • Coffee liquor, ½ oz
  • Cinnamon schnapps, ½ oz
  1. First, add ice in a cocktail shaker and then add all the ingredients.
  2. Shake them well and then transfer the drink into a tumbler and have fun!
Snakebite Shot 1
  • Canadian Whiskey, 0.75 shot
  • Lime juice, 0.25 shot (fresh or bottled)
All that you need to do is to add the lime juice to the whiskey and drink it!!
Snakebite Shot 2
  • Tequila, 0.5 oz
  • Jack Daniels, 0.5 oz
  • Tabasco, 0.5 oz
  • Southern Comfort, 0.5 oz
Mix all the ingredients and take a shot of this snakebite!
  • Always remember that 1 ½ oz equals to 1 shot!
  • You can make a few creative effects by using simple bar tending tips and tricks. For instance, add colorful decoration to the glass like a drink umbrella, paper flower, crushed ice, fruit slices, coasters, sparklers, swizzle stick, or a straw!
  • You can decorate the rim of the glass by simply dipping it first in lemon juice and then in sugar!
  • If you want to have a frozen snakebite mix, then you can add a frozen fruit ice cream or fully chilled fruit juices to it.
  • Last and an important thing that you can do while serving a snakebite drink is trying to serve it in glasses of different shapes and sizes.
So, as I promised earlier, you can easily make these beverages at home and make your cocktail party even more playful. As a parting note, I would like to tell you that try not to drink this in a single gulp, and if you do, then do not try to stand up in haste.