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12 Impeccable and Amazing Sides to Serve With Crab Legs

12 Sides to Serve With Crab Legs
Crab legs is a yummy finger food and a delight among all seafood lovers. It can be eaten as is, or can be enjoyed with a side dish of your choice. Tastessence guides you on what to serve with crab legs.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
A "Handy" Tip!
Crab legs are supposed to be eaten with the hands. So, accompany it with fun finger foods that can also be eaten with the hands. You don't need anything else to dig in! E.g. French fries can actually go with crab legs.
Crab legs make for an amazing snack. Yes, it can be fussy at times, but that cannot overpower the taste of tender crab meat. There are different types of crabs that you can choose from. The Dungeness crabs, which are fairly popular, the Snow Crab which has excellent sweet meat, the Alaskan King crab which boasts of its yummy white meat, and the Blue Crab which is small yet famous. Every crab has a different taste, color, and size. But, you can choose any type to enjoy crab legs, because all of them are going to be yummy.

Crab legs are a treat with butter, but you can try different dishes with it. Just remember not to make something that overpowers the taste of the crab, because that is the main focus! The below section gives you some options that go well with crab legs, so read, cook, and enjoy!
Side Dishes to Serve With Crab Legs
Keep it Simple with a Dip!
crab and cocktail
A plain crab leg can taste even more heavenly if you dip it in cocktail sauces. Try one by mixing catsup, Worcestershire, horseradish, lemon, and pepper. You can also try a sauce made with mayonnaise, lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and a pinch of dill. Experiment with different flavored mayos; mix chipotle, tarragon, and other herbs/sauces to the mayonnaise. Plain melted butter and garlic butter are the simplest and the tastiest options. Add some lemon juice or zest to the melted butter to give it that flavor. You can also make some lemon butter by browning some butter with lemon juice in the proportion of 3 tsp. lemon juice for ½ cup butter. Beurre blanc is also a creamy option.
Good Ol' Potatoes!
crab and potato
Serve baked or mashed potatoes with crab legs. They have always been known for their specialty of complimenting seafood the best. The mild taste of potatoes can also be enhanced by garlic butter and sour cream. You can make a cold salad out of mashed potatoes, herbs, red onions, garlic, and some yummy mustard. Another option would be serving with twice baked mashed potatoes by adding butter, garlic, and cheese to the mashed potatoes and baking them till they turn brown.
The Traditional Corn
crab with butter and corn
You have many corn options to make a mouth-watering side dish for the crab legs. You can just simply steam the corn with the cob and have it. Or maybe spice it up with some spicy butter and other sauces. You can also take the middle way by just adding garlic butter and salt to the corn. Another option is to make a corn salad by tossing some beans, chopped jalapeños, red onions in olive oil, and little white wine vinegar. Garnish with salt, pepper, and chopped cilantro.
Some Veggies for the Crab
The crab has enough of calories so why not accompany it with some healthy veggies? Steamed artichokes with a dip of butter/garlic butter is a great option as a side dish. You can also take some crisp, fresh, and blanched broccoli or asparagus and mix it with salt, pepper, and olive oil. You can also steam the veggies and then, just garnish them with melted butter/garlic butter. All kinds of greens can be aligned with the crab legs. Grill some vegetables, like onions, zucchini, mushrooms, or bell peppers, and then you won't need anything else!
►Make a potato salad by mixing boiled potatoes with a dressing of sour cream and Champagne vinegar. Keep it casual!
►Just mix some white and green beans with basil and tomatoes. This will make for a crispy salad.
►You can try any salad of your choice.
Some Other Side Options
►You can subordinate it with a blackened filet mignon or a rib eye steak. Include some bread and baked or mashed potatoes too.
►A crusty bread and some deviled eggs will also go well.
►Macaroni and cheese might appeal to some.
►A simple crunchy French toast slice can also complement your crab well!
►Some buttery cheddar biscuits with the crab are a must try.
►All the rice fans out there can complement crab legs with some spicy rice too.
Desserts with Crab Legs
No meal is complete without dessert. There are many sweet treats that will go with the crab, but you may try some fruity or lemony desserts which will not overpower the crab flavor, but rather complement it. You can try lemon cheesecake, key lime pie, creamy lemon squares, and lemon meringue pie. Other options can be a white cake or an angel food with fruit and honey.
In the end, don't forget to provide a finger bowl or tissues to your guests so that they can clean their hands after the messy task of eating crab legs. Enjoy a great crab leg dinner, just the way you want it.
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