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Shelf Life of Powdered Eggs

Vital Information About the Shelf Life of Powdered Eggs

One of the advantages of powdered eggs is its long shelf life, as compared to raw eggs. This article will provide you with some information about the shelf life of this egg product.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
It is a common fact that eggs are among the most nutritional food sources. It is rich in protein and a wide range of other nutrients. Apart from whole eggs, there are various egg products that are widely used across the globe. These include frozen whole eggs, frozen egg whites, frozen egg yolks, sugared egg yolks, whole egg powder, egg yolk powder, powdered egg whites, etc. Powdered egg mix contains a small amount of powdered milk and a little bit of oil. This product is meant for making scrambled eggs, French toast, etc. So, you can find egg products in both liquid, frozen and powder forms. Powdered eggs are among the most popular egg products, as they have various advantages, when compared to whole eggs and other liquid products.
More about Powdered Eggs
We all know that powdered eggs or egg powder is prepared through dehydration of eggs. This product is not a new one and was developed for the first time, during the 1930s. Now, you may find various types of egg powders, that too in different brands. The process of powdered eggs preparation starts with breaking of eggs. The shells are removed, before the eggs are diverted to the filtration system. Once filtered, the liquid egg is transferred to a storage tank. Inside the storage tank, the eggs are chilled as they are stored at a temperature of 39 degree Fahrenheit. From the storage tank, the eggs are taken to a tubular heater, where they are dried at a temperature of 150 degree Fahrenheit, for about eight to ten minutes. Filtering is done before it is passed through a spray drier, which churn out dried egg powder.
Egg powder is popular for various reasons. It takes very less space to store egg powder, which is also not fragile as whole eggs. Powdered eggs are also cheaper to the whole ones. The powdered version is easy to carry and is more convenient for those who go for camps and treks. Egg powder can be reconstituted to form liquid eggs, by adding enough water. Such reconstitution will be required for making dishes, like scrambled eggs. The dried powder can be used as such for baking purposes and reconstitution is not needed. In fact, powdered eggs are preferred to raw whole eggs, for baking purposes. There is no need to refrigerate unopened powdered egg packages. Above all, powdered eggs shelf life is much longer than raw eggs.
How Long Do Powdered Eggs Last
So, it is a known fact that egg powder lasts longer than whole eggs. But, what is the shelf life of powdered eggs? In case of raw eggs, the maximum shelf life is around three weeks from the date you place it inside the refrigerator. Hard-boiled eggs should not be stored for more than one week in refrigerated condition. While raw egg whites and yolks have to be used within four days of refrigeration, liquid egg products have to be used within ten days from the day of opening the package. Once opened, they have to be refrigerated and used as soon as possible. Liquid egg products can be frozen for a year, if unopened.
As compared to all these egg products, powdered eggs have the maximum shelf life. It is claimed that powdered eggs (whole) have a shelf life of five to ten years, if stored in a proper manner. Whole egg powder is said to last longer (more than 15 years), if it is stored in air-tight containers that are placed in cool, dark locations. So, there is no need of refrigeration. Once opened, you have to refrigerate it and use within one to six months. But, in that case, make sure to pack them in a container with oxygen absorber. It is said that egg white powder, egg yolk powder and sugared whole egg powder have a shelf life of a year only. Even these products must be refrigerated after opening. As there are different types of egg powders, the shelf life and method of storage may not be standard for all.
How to Store Powdered Eggs
This is one of the common queries about this egg product. Though it has a long shelf life, you have to make sure that it is stored properly. This is one of the factors that can affect the shelf life of powdered eggs. High temperature level and humidity can affect the shelf life of this egg product. Exposure to oxygen is another factor that can spoil this product. So, make sure that they are stored in properly sealed containers that are kept in a location with a low temperature and humidity level (that have to be maintained). In short, this egg product should not be exposed to light, heat, water or air, if you want it to last longer.
This article is for informational purposes only. So, it will be better to go through the manufacturer's instructions with regard to the shelf life as well as proper storage method of powdered eggs.