Root Beer Vs. Birch Beer

Among beverages relished across the globe, beer has made a historical mark. We have two beer types on the barrels today as contenders. Join in as we pour facts on root beer vs. birch beer.
Tastessence Staff
We know for those who love beer wish, if it could only rain of beer. For beer lovers, every sip off the pitcher drips taste and excellent flavor. With the immense love of flavor, seldom will you find enthusiasts compromising on the taste and flavor. So what is your favorite take on a pitcher filled with beer? Is it root beer that pours awesomeness with each gulp or birch beer that your belly loves to bloat on? Both these beers will not be very different in taste, but there are certain facts that can distinguish them, and may be also add to their USP. Let's not get to the brands today, let us know the core elements of beer. Firstly, check some facts about beer that can make this discussion more interesting.
Beer makes one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and it ranks third in the list of the most popular drinks. (Water stands first, and tea the next). It is mostly made out of fermented starches that are got from cereals. A major part of it being water, this drink is then flavored with hops, or other herbs and fruits, to preserve the beer. This precisely gives you the bitter zing in beer with every sip. This beverage is a part of the culture of many nations, it also has the honor of hosting certain beer festivals. Its extensive varieties have a stack filled with sheer flavor and fizzy bliss! Among the many types and varieties, root and birch beer have their distinct fans. Let us know what makes both these varieties different. Get pouring, with both these pitchers, let's taste our very favorite good old beer of two different streams.
Difference Between Birch and Root Beer
To begin with the discussion, the fact is that both these beers have a taste that is slightly similar to each other. So there cannot be a major line of difference considering the taste. It is the other aspects of the beer that make them variable in terms of origination, ingredients, etc.
Root Beer Vs. Birch Beer
■ It is a sweet and carbonated beverage, that gets its flavors primarily from the sassafras plant, or the bark of this tree, which is the main ingredient in this beer. ■ This beer is primarily made from birch bark. The herbal extracts of this bark give this beer its major ingredient.
■ It may be a mixture of many roots like, ginger, anise, cinnamon, dandelion, cloves, etc. Sometimes birch is also added to give flavor, which is why the taste can sometimes be close to similar. Other herbs and oils too are added to the beer, for the different varieties of taste. ■ Birch oil is used, that is distilled from the sap of the black birch. This is usually derived from the wild, and this beer does not have any root extracts that makes it distinct from root beer.
■ The name is derived from the ingredients of its making, however, apart from the Northern United States, it is not recognized as root beer in other countries, it has different names across the globe. ■ It is basically extracted from the twigs, sap and roots of the birch, and with extracted birch oil. Color may be added to this beer to give it the dark shade. But true birch will never have any other flavorings like root beer.
■ The history of this beer dates back to the 1800's, where it was first created, with very low alcohol content, which today has been modified to an alcoholic and soft drink form too. ■ History witnessed the fizz of this beer in the late 1800's, where it was first brewed as a sweet and non-alcoholic drink.
■ Root beer is widely available, in most of the countries, though in different brand names. ■ Birch beer, with its original taste and flavor is not manufactured and available everywhere. It is mainly found in the Northeastern region of United States, while being manufactured in Pennsylvania. It is further distributed in select states and countries like Canada and England.
■ It has been used widely in many commercial products and foods like candy and popcorn, etc. It is also an ingredient in some shampoos. ■ Birch makes an ingredient in birch syrup, wine, etc. Commercially, it is also used in shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and herbal teas.

While both these make excellent additions to the menu of beverages that the world loves, they are also used in ice cream floats. With these few pointers, we conclude on root beer vs. birch beer. So, what will be your favorite beer? Root or Birch? Well, frankly speaking with due respect to the beer lovers, favoring root over birch or vice versa. For some, beer will still be beer, right? Birch or Root? Nah... just bring it on...With love, to beer...Cheers!!!