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Reheating Quiche in the Oven

Reheating Quiche in the Oven

If you have bought frozen quiche, you will have to reheat it. There are a number of methods which can be used. Scroll down to know about these methods.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Quiche Baked in Oven
Quiche makes for an elegant brunch. It's made using eggs, milk, cheese, heavy cream, pie dough, different fillings of meat, vegetables, etc. This combination of different ingredients makes reheating quiche in the oven or otherwise, a difficult task. The reheating process should be able to retain the original flavors and freshness. Although tricky, it is not difficult. We will first see, which is the best method to reheat a quiche, before we turn towards the actual process.

Ways to Reheat a Quiche
It is important to know the right process of reheating, or else it can ruin the quiche, and make it unworthy of eating. A lot of people use a microwave for this purpose; however, it may not be the best way. Reheating quiche in a microwave often tends to spoil its texture. It tends to become soggy and wilted. It also messes up the crust, and makes it soft, as opposed to flaky. Often, eggs make quiche slimy, when reheated in a microwave. Some people use a steamer instead. According to them, reheating in a steamer does not make quiche soggy, as is the case when reheated in a microwave, and neither does it dry out like in an oven. However, quite a few people swear by the oven as the best option to reheat a frozen quiche. Let us learn how to go by the reheating procedure.

How to Reheat a Frozen Quiche?

Storage: For quiche to be reheated well, it is important to store it well.
  • First, cool it completely on the kitchen counter.
  • Do not cover it while it is being cooled. If you cover it, it tends to become soggy, and this will totally ruin the taste.
  • Once cooled, seal the top with a plastic wrap, and place in the freezer.
  • If you want to savor quiche for brunch, remove it from the freezer, and place in the refrigerator the previous night.
  • It will defrost in the refrigerator before you use it the next morning.
In the Oven:
  • Preheat oven to 300°F.
  • Meanwhile, remove the quiche from the refrigerator, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes on the kitchen counter top, till it is warm.
  • Once it is sufficiently warm, place it in a metal pan, and bake it. Reheating will take about 8-10 minutes. If you have store-bought quiche, you will have to bake it for 20-22 minutes, after cooling it completely.
A small tip is to cover the pan with an aluminum foil while reheating. This will retain all the moisture, and not make it dry. It will also ensure even cooking.

In the Microwave: In case you do not have an oven, you can make use of the microwave.
  • Set the microwave to 50%, and nothing more than that.
  • You may want to use the internal temperature method. Let the quiche heat till internal temperatures reach 165°F.
  • You will need about 3-4 minutes for the reheating process.
Having a turntable for the same will ensure even cooking.

On the Toaster: Some people choose to use a toaster for reheating quiche.
  • After cooling quiche to room temperature, place it on a toaster.
  • Let it toast for a few minutes. However, keep an eye on it, lest it gets burnt.
This method will ensure that the quiche is neither left dry, nor is it soggy.

Now that you know about how to reheat quiche in the oven, you will want to know about how should one serve reheated quiche. While some people choose to cut quiche into pieces before reheating, there are others who opt to slice it afterwards. Whichever be the process you prefer, serve it hot. If you let it sit for longer, then chances of the crust becoming flaky or quiche becoming soggy cannot be ruled out.
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