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Recipe Card Template

Recipe Card Template

Every family has these recipes that are handed down from one generation to the next. Recipe cards can be used to ensure that these recipes are preserved for an eternity.
Tulika Nair
There is a reason that shows like Family Food Fight are so popular. After all there is nothing like the family recipe that has everyone gathering around the dinner table to tuck into their favorite food. Some of the best dishes on a dinner table are generally those that are made from recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. But to ensure that these recipes are passed down, you need to collect them and keep them safe in your recipe box. You need to create recipe cards with all the ingredients and instructions neatly noted down. Catalog the recipes that you have with the help of these recipe cards and arrange them neatly for easy access to serve as a loose paged cookbook.
The great thing about using templates is that no longer do you need to make hard copies of the same and be perennially afraid of smudging the recipe with food splatters and stains. You can as easily use these templates to file away recipes in your computer. Of course with the latter method you will need to refer to your computer every time you want to revert to the family recipe for meatloaf. Using Microsoft Word, Open Office or even any graphic designing program that you are familiar with, you can make these templates.
How to Make a Template for a Recipe Card
In order to make a template, all you need is a computer, access to the Internet, a printer with color ink cartridge (if you intend to make hard copies), printer paper, and all the recipes that you need to preserve for eternity. Firstly there are many websites and online resources that you can use to get access to free templates. You can choose to download a template that you like. Alternatively, you can choose to mimic the layout of a cookbook template that you would like to use in full or partial. While making a note of the layout, you will also need to decide on the size of the recipe card, the information that you are giving in the recipe card, and decide on the images that you are using (if any).
Next open the design or word process program that you are using and create a black card according to the specifications that you have noted down. Most recipe cards are sized either 3 x 5 inches or 4 x 6 inches. Remember to specify the margins for the recipe cards. Fix them at precisely 1 inch at the top and bottom, and 1.25 inches on the left and right. These specifications should allow you to create two recipe cards on one page. With a word processing program you will need to specify the borders, create a text box and image box, and insert a text box. Add a title box for the name of the recipe. After a space of one line start inserting blank lines through the entire text box. Depending on the details that you want to add to recipe card, you can create more text boxes in the template.
Once you have created the template, save the same, and then use it to print as many cards as you want. Type in the recipe and ingredients and print it out, or first print the card and then write the recipe on it. Once you have created the template, it should look somewhat similar to the template given below.
From the Kitchen of

Name of the Recipe




wedding cake for recipe card
Once you have create a template you are comfortable with, you can divide your food recipes according to the type of dish or the meal for which it is served. You can also opt to organize the recipe cards alphabetically. Using these cards will allow you easy access to the recipe you want to try out every time you want to innovate in the kitchen.