List of Herbs

Herbs and spices are important in cooking as well as in making many medicines. There are many different types of herbs which have many different uses.
Tastessence Staff
If you love to cook, then you know how essential herbs and spices are for cooking. They might look small but they pack quite a punch. Herbs and spices are used for flavoring food and without it a dish will simply not taste the same. However not all herbs are culinary in nature. Some herbs are used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties too.
When the leaves of a herbaceous plant is used for flavoring food or for medicinal purposes it is known as a herb. On the other hand, if the roots, bark, seeds, and fruit are used in food or medicine it is known as a spice. Spices are more potent and have a greater intensity than herbs and as such are used in lesser quantity. Sometimes a particular herb can also be a spice. For example the dill leaves are herbs that is used in garnishing soups and salads. But at the same time dill seeds are spices that has many culinary uses.
Herb Name Uses
Angelica Used for flavoring baked goods, stalks used for medicinal properties
Arugula Used as a salad green
Bay leaf Used for flavoring meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes, used for treating headaches and migraines, has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties
Basil Used in making pesto and flavoring soups, it is used for treating asthma and stress related disorders
Bergamot Begamot oil is used for making perfume
Chervil Used for flavoring dishes, lowering blood pressure, as well as a blood purifier
Cicely Used for flavoring dishes in Scandinavian cuisine
Chamomile Used in making tea, has sedative properties, helps cure insomnia, as well as for treating skin rashes
Calendula For treating skin infections and flavoring tea
Catnip Used in teas and in salads
Chives For garnishing food
Coriander Flavoring dishes, aids in digestion
Dandelion Stimulates the digestive system, helps to remove toxins from body
Dill leaves Used for garnishing, aids to soothe stomach, and provide relief from indigestion
Fennel Flavoring in food, herbal teas, oil is used in perfumes
Hyssop For stimulating appetite, aids in digestion
Lavender For flavoring tea and pastries, Lavender oil used in aromatherapy, aids in sleep
Curry Leaves Used in South East Asian cuisine, as an antiseptic
Lemon Balm Flavoring herbal teas and candies
Lemon Verbena For making flavored teas, essential oil used in aromatherapy
Lemongrass Used extensively in Thai cuisine
Marjoram Flavoring soups and stews
Mint Used in teas, for making relishes and flavoring food
Oregano Flavoring meat and poultry dishes, also used as an antiseptic
Parsley Used in many cuisines for garnishing as well as flavor
Pandan leaves Used in South East Asian cuisines
Rosemary Used in meat and poultry dishes as flavoring, as an astringent, for making essential oil
Sage Used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking
Savory Used as an expectorant, also for flavoring soups and stews
Sorrel Used in salads, soups and stews
Thyme Used in many cuisines for flavoring meat and poultry dishes
Tarragon For flavoring meat and poultry dishes

Having a handy list of herbs and spices helps you to decide which herbs to use while preparing a dish. Medicinal herbs and spices should be used for treating a particular disease only under expert guidance.