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Here's a Bounty of Pork Side Dishes You'll Swear By All Your Life

Pork Side Dishes
Side dishes are important aspects of a meal, because they not only balance out the flavor aspect of a meal, but also the nutritional aspect of the meal. Depending on the pork cut used and the type of cooking method and preparation, various side dishes can be served along with the pork.
Amruta Deshpande
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Pork is one of the widely eaten meats across the globe. It is mainly because of the variations that can be made to the pork recipes, as well as the unique taste offered by different portions or cuts of pork. Grill it, roast it, or bake it! Cook it in whichever way you like, it is sure to leave you licking your fingers! However, pork is never served by itself, and is always served along with various side dishes. Side dishes are essential to complete and complement the meal.
pork tenderloin
Pork tenderloin is the most tender and succulent cut of pork, that simply satiates one's taste buds. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, and can be roasted or grilled depending on your preference, however, overcooking is a major issue with this cut.
Besides the lovely glaze for the pork, you will also need some lovely side dishes for pork tenderloin. Since pork tenderloin partners well with many food items, the list is long. Some interesting side dishes are:

Marinated asparagus
Green beans
Drunken collard greens

Grilled vegetables
Vegetable skewers
Braised cabbage
Butternut squash
Cheddar broccoli soufflé
Sautéed garlic asparagus

Fruity Sides
Roasted cherries
Applesauce and cheesy potatoes
Scalloped apples

Tomato salad
Green olive salad
Green apple salad

Starchy Sides
Mustard mashed potatoes
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Corn casserole
Baked potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Potato galette
Wild rice/dirty rice
Quinoa pilaf
pulled pork
Although it is a traditional dish from North Carolina, pulled pork is enjoyed by people in many parts of the world. It is made from the pork shoulder, smoked on the grill over a hardwood fire. Pulled pork sandwiches are also quite common and serve as a great dish for a large crowd. Pulled pork is generally served with soft rolls/cornbread, coleslaw, pickles and barbecue sauce.
Here are some other ideas for pulled pork side dishes.
Brussels sprouts
Fried green tomatoes

Veggie Delight
Baked beans
Grilled vegetables
Steamed vegetables
Fruity Fun
Diced watermelon
Sliced fruit

Pasta salad
Black eyed pea salad
Cold broccoli salad

Starchy Sides
Corn on the Cob
Cheese potatoes
Roasted garlic mustard potatoes
Rosemary potato wedges
Baked macaroni and cheese
Sweet potato wedges
pork chops
There are so many ways to prepare pork chops! Whether they are stuffed, barbecued or breaded, pork chops (pork loin/boneless pork) will require lovely side dishes to complete the meal.
Blanched green beans
Roasted asparagus
Green bean casserole
Garlic roasted Brussels sprouts
Sautéed Swish chard

Baked beans
Red cabbage
Chayote black beans
Fried plantains

Homemade applesauce
Cranberry sauce
Apple chutney
Red currant sauce

Fruity Sides
Braised/fried apples
Cherry Couscous

Pineapple salsa
Mango mint salsa
Tomato cucumber salad
Orange and fennel salad

Starchy Sides
Potato gratin/potato casserole
Scalloped potatoes
Baked sweet potatoes
Macaroni and cheese
Wild rice
Egg noodles
Creamed corn/corn casserole
pork roast
Pork roast is a common dish prepared for special occasions like family gatherings, festivals, etc. The tender and succulent pork roast is enough to satisfy several hungry stomachs!
Green bean casserole
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Garlic roasted asparagus
Buttered string beans

Veggie Delight
Roasted butternut squash
Oven-roasted green beans
Fried cabbage
Curried green tomatoes
Sweet and sour cabbage
Glazed carrots

Homemade applesauce
Cranberry relish
Roasted apples and onions
Brandied cranberry sauce

Pomegranate salad
Green salad
Sweet potato salad

Starchy Sides
Scalloped potatoes
Cheesy corn casserole
Sweet potato fries
Potato gratin
Pork Side Dish Recipes
apple sauce

Apples, peeled, cored and quartered, 3 lbs
Lemon peel, 3 strips
Lemon juice, 3 tbsp.
Cinnamon stick, 3 inch-long
Salt, ½ teaspoon
Dark brown sugar, ¼ cup
White sugar, ¼ cup

Preparation Procedure
Mix all the above ingredients in a large pot and add 1 cup of water to it. Cover and bring to boil. Allow it to simmer on low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the pot from heat and remove the lemon peel and cinnamon stick. Serve hot!
brandied cranberries
Sugar, 1½ cup
Fresh or frozen cranberries, 1 can
Brandy, ½ cup
Shredded orange zest, 2 tbsp.

Preparation Procedure
In a square baking dish, mix together, cranberries, sugar, brandy and orange zest. Bake uncovered, in a preheated oven at 325° F, for about an hour or so, until most of the liquid gets evaporated, stirring occasionally. It is one of the best side dishes with pork.
grilled corn on the cob
Fresh corn in their husks

Preparation Procedure
Place the corn in their husks on the hot grill, charcoal or gas, at about 550° F. Turn the corn occasionally until the husks are charred evenly on all sides. This may take about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from the grill and let it stand for 5 minutes. Remove the charred husks and silk from the corn using a hand towel. Serve hot with butter!
The above pork side dish recipes can go with any pork dish and can fetch you loads of compliments! So go ahead! Enjoy the complete pork meal!
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