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Popular Scotch Brands

Popular Scotch Brands That Have Been Unmatched in Taste for Years

Scotch, a gentlemans' drink. A drink that has been used as a status symbol since ages. Scotch is something which every successful man drinks and a young teen hopes to drink someday. Alcoholic drinks represent the country they originate from. History says that beer came from Germany, vodka from Russia, and scotch originated from Scotland; so it is obvious that the most popular brands come from the land of bagpipes.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
There is a huge difference between Scotch Whisky and Whiskey (Bourbon in USA). The differing factors are not just the places where they come from, but also the ingredients used in their formation and the way they're written. Scotch is whisky made in Scotland, while Bourbon is whiskey made in USA (Kentucky). Scotch is made from malted barley, while Bourbon is made from distilled corn.

There were years when I was a beer and tequila guy, then I got real fat. And then I found that you could actually go on a diet and drink scotch. Then I got hooked on scotch, and if you get hooked on scotch, then everything else just tastes wrong. ~ Ron White.

I think the above quote represents every emotion that scotch lovers feel for their favorite drink, long before Don Draper from Mad Men made men realize that drinking scotch is cool. Among all the alcoholic spirits available, scotch is considered the ultimate icon of manliness. It is a drink not everyone enjoys, but those who do, can't get enough of it. The main ingredients of a great scotch whisky are good water, malt, fermented barley, distillation, some presto and you have yourself the best scotch.

Popular Scotch Brands

Chivas Regal
One of the highest-selling names in the market, Chivas Regal comes from the Strathisla Distillery located at Keith in Scotland. Perhaps, the most popular blended scotch whisky in the world, this brand was first established in the year 1801 and their best-selling scotch ages from 12 years and above in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Best Product: Chivas Regal 12 Year Old (Blended)

Highland Park
Reviewed by critics all over the world as the "Greatest all-rounder in the world of Malt Whisky", Highland Park is no lesser than a legend for scotch lovers. This heavenly scotch comes from the Highland Park distillery in Kirk Park, Orkney. The brand started in 1798 and has been a winner at many international spirit award functions since then. Its best-selling scotch ages from 12 years and above.

Best Product: Highland Park 15 Year Old (Single Malt)

Another shining star in the world of scotch. In addition to its mesmerizing taste, the most attractive feature of Glenfiddich is the presence of a deer symbol on its bottles. The Glenfiddich distillery is located in Dufftown, Scotland and started their operations in 1886. Due to its fresh, aromatic taste, it is most preferred by the young crowd of whisky lovers. It is also the preferred choice in cocktails where scotch plays an important role.

Best Product: Glenfiddich 18 Year Old (Single Malt)

Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker is currently the highest-selling blended scotch whisky (130 million bottles each year) in the world. Started in 1820, the brand is now owned by Diageo and is one of the few brands that is consumed in every country. Known for its amazing aroma and taste, Johnnie Walker is available in various blends, out of which some are extremely rare and exorbitant, while others are quite easily available and affordable.

Best Product: Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old (Blended)

A sophisticated choice for scotch lovers, Lagavulin is often called one of the best products from Scotland. It started operations in 1816 and is owned by Diageo Scotland. Most of its scotch has received international ratings and accolades and the recent 21 year old has gathered a lot of praise from wine enthusiasts.

Best Product: Lagavulin 16 Year Old (Single Malt)

Famous Brands of Scotch Popular Blends
Glenlivet Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Bowmore Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Old Pulteney Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Black Bull Scotch Whisky Blended
Springbank Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Talisker Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Macallan Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Dalmore Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Black & White Blended
Vat 69 Blended
Ballantine's Blended
100 Pipers Blended
Jura Scotch Whisky Single Malt
The Glenrothes Single Malt
Clynelish Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Auchentoshan Scotch Whisky Single Malt
Bailie Nicol Jarvie Blended
Whyte & Mackay Blended
Black Bottle Scotch Whisky Blended
Haig Scotch Whisky Blended
Royal Salute Scotch Whisky Blended

There is no such thing as the best scotch brand, everyone has their own choices and preferences. If you are on a quest to find the best brand, the best thing to do is to try all types of scotch brands and then find something appropriate which can be termed as a personal favorite. Scotch, nowadays, is also very popular among teens as there are various cocktails that have scotch as an important ingredient.
Highland Park Bicentenary Bottle
Whiskey With Ice And Cigar
Bottles Of Several Whiskey Brands
Chivas Regal Whisky
Dalmore Whisky
Bowmore Whisky
Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Glass Of Whiskey With Ice
Whiskey With Ice In Glasses
Glass With Whiskey
Pouring whiskey in a glass
Whiskey On Ice
Two Glasses Of Cognac On Table
Whiskey And Natural Ice
Happy elegant men toasting with whiskey
Golden Brown Whisky
Glenfarclas Whisky
Whiskey Poured Into Three Glasses
Whiskey Bottle And Glass
Two Whiskey Splash
Golden Brown Whisky
Bottle Of Whiskey
Whiskey Glass