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This is the Right Internal Oven Temperature for Baked Chicken

Oven Temperature for Chicken
For a completely baked chicken dish, you need to know the proper oven temperature. If the temperature is not adjusted properly, the dish will remain uncooked. Read on to know more.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Scrumptious chicken dishes take us to a different plane of gastronomical delight. Be it grilled, roasted, or crispy chicken, the delicacies are just enough to satisfy our taste buds. The secret behind a perfect dish is adequate baking, proper mixing of ingredients, and spices and garnishing. Your culinary art gets further manifested with serving the dish with a warm heart. The first step comes with baking the main ingredient of the recipe. For this, you need to know the adjustments of time and temperature inside the oven. Oven temperature for chicken or its parts can be modified for different recipes.
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Before you start cooking chicken, you must consider a few things for adjusting the temperature inside the oven. The temperature is dependent upon the amount of meat you are going to cook and the type of recipe. The temperature varies for soups, stews, gravies, and grilled/roasted chicken. It also depends on the nature of the chicken, i.e., boneless or with bone, skinless or with skin. Different temperatures are also required for breast, bones, wings, or flesh.
Temperature for Whole Chicken
Cooking whole chicken consumes more time than cooking a part of it, as it needs to be completely baked from inside so that the flesh softens. Boneless chicken gets cooked faster than that with bone. Similarly, if you are cooking the chicken along with the skin, it consumes more time than when it is peeled. The best oven temperature to cook chicken is 350ºF. For an average person, ⅓ lb of boneless chicken and ¾ lb that with bone is enough. If you are preparing a conventional recipe, the oven temperature should be 350º F. The cooking time must be adjusted to 20-25 minutes, with an internal temperature of 165ºF. Whole broiler fryer chicken or pieces also require 350ºF. The time is increased depending upon the quantity. Crispy chicken recipes need higher temperature so that the stuff becomes soft and crispy. The oven temperature in increased to 380-400ºF. For extra crisp, 430ºF is preferred. Chicken drumsticks are baked within a temperature range of 350-380ºF.
Temperature for Breast
Grilled chicken breast recipes need medium to high adjustments of oven temperature. 350-400ºF is the ideal temperature for preparing these dishes. The internal temperature for boneless breast is normally 165ºF, while for normal breast it is 170ºF. ¾ lb chicken in terms of weight is usually baked for 30 minutes. Grilling of the breast can also be done with stuffing. The temperature is usually increased to 390-400ºF if you are roasting chicken breast. Stir frying requires internal temperature around 165ºF.
Temperature for Wings
There are a variety of recipes and cooking methods for chicken wings, and the normal oven temperature is more or less same for all the recipes. However, there's fluctuation in internal temperature and time, depending on the type of recipe and amount of chicken wings. 8-10 pieces of baked wings require a temperature range of 350-400ºF. Crispy fried wings are best cooked at 375-400ºF. For 8-10 wings, you need to adjust the time at about 45 minutes. Internal temperature can be adjusted within a range of 160-180ºF. Chicken wings are extremely delicious and can be garnished or stuffed with a variety of items.
Pre-heated oven along with correct internal temperature is essential to transform the fibrous mass into soft stuff. Apart from high cooking temperatures, the chicken also needs to be dressed and seasoned properly. Frozen chicken should be left to thaw for some time, and then marinated or seasoned with spices and other ingredients. Maintaining correct oven temperatures not only helps in proper baking, but also kills bacteria.
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