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Moscato Wine

Know All About the Amazing Moscato Wine That Tastes Heavenly

Moscato wine is an ideal drink for a bright sunny day. It tastes sweet and has a pale yellow or gold appearance. It is an ideal drink for wine beginners and is often served as a dessert wine at various events.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Unlike other wines, Moscato doesn't benefit from aging in oak barrels. This wine should be consumed immediately after release.

Muscato wine is derived from Moscato grapes which is a type of Muscat grape, grown especially for this wine. Muscat grapes have a sweet aroma and are grown all over the world; and according to experts these are one of the oldest varieties of grapes used to make wines. As the grapes are grown globally, their name changes from region to region; some call them Yellow Muscat, Muscat Blanc, Moscato Bianco, and Muscat Canelli. Even though it is not a favorite among experts, none can deny the importance that Moscato shares in history. It has been reported that Moscato grape was a major ingredient in many alcoholic beverages found in the tomb of King Midas. So it can be said that someone who likes drinking this wine shares the same taste that royalty had.
Making Moscato Wine
  1. A very simple process is applied when it comes to the making of this wine. The first step begins with the harvesting of the best quality Moscato grapes.
  2. After harvesting, the grapes are pressed and filtered. Freshness of the grapes has to be maintained at any cost for the wine to taste good; and premature fermentation can be avoided by placing the grapes in freezing temperature till the need for actual fermentation arises.
  3. The last step in this procedure is called vinify or fermentation. This requires the filtered grapes to be placed in a sealed barrel or tank for a month, in a surrounding temperature of 14° C to 15° C.
  4. It is essential that the Moscato be kept warm. For ideal fermentation, it is treated with yeast. The sealed tank helps in the preservation of the fizz and carbon dioxide. The fermentation stops once the product has achieved the required amount of residual sugar level, which is 5.5% of alcohol.
  5. The last step involved in this procedure is the filtering of the wine to remove unwanted residue and yeast.
A good Moscato wine is basically a sweet dessert wine in which the prime ingredient are Muscat grapes, yet it is not officially classified as a dessert wine. It is often served with dessert but it also serves as an excellent drink when you drink it without any food. It is a preferred wine for social events. Unlike other varieties of wine, Moscato should be consumed when its young. Numerous wine experts recommend drinking this wine when it is just a year old. For people who want to know the best brands of Moscato wine, here are some reviews which would be of great help in making a smart purchase.
Ecco Domani Moscato
This wine comes in bright blue bottle which makes it easy to spot. It is the best choice for people looking for a sweet, bubbly and low-alcoholic wine. Expect a decent aroma of tangerine, ripe peach, candied fruits, honeysuckle and a light dosage of stone fruit. Ecco Domani also goes well with all kinds of food.
Robert Mondavi Moscato
It is one of the best wine brands from the US. It is made in the state of California and is a great accompaniment with cheese. Although the sweetness level is a little less than all the other Moscato wines, it is still considered an ideal option.
Ceretto Santo Stefano Moscato D'Asti
Many wine critics and experts say that this is the best Moscato wine in the market. It is a very light sparkling wine with a soft scent, sweet taste and goes great with desserts.
Martin and Weyrich Moscato Allegro
Another great brand from California, this wine is nice and a refreshing summer drink. It has a taste of citrus fruits and is very light on the stomach.
Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D'Asti
This wine from Italy is a bit bubbly but very sweet. It is economically priced and is a great drink for various parties and occasions.
Bertenura Moscato
This Moscato white wine is sweet in nature, has a light peachy fragrance which goes well with fruits and light desserts. It tastes best when served chill, the only disadvantage of this wine is its short shelf life.
Mazzeti Moscato Wine
A world renowned wine from Italy, Mazzeti is considered a classic as it is produced with the best quality Muscat grapes. No other fruits or flavors are added to this wine which makes it more stronger, natural and rare.
More Moscato Wines
Brand Grape variety Type of Wine
Boroli Moscato d'Asti Aureum Muscat Blanc Sparkling Wine
Borgo Reale Moscato d'Asti Muscat Blanc À Petits Grains Sparkling Wine
Cristina Ascheri Moscato d'Asti Muscat Blanc A Petits Grains Sparkling Wine
Nivole Moscato d'Asti Michele Chiarlo Muscat Blanc Sparkling Wine
La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti Vigneto Biancospino Muscat Blanc Dessert Wine
Vietti Moscato d'Asti Cascinetta Vietti Muscat Blanc White Wine
Cascinacastlet Moscato d'Asti Muscat Blanc White Wine
Casa Vinicola Alfredo Prunotto Moscato Dasti Muscat Blanc Dessert Wine
Candoni Moscato Dasti Muscat Blanc Sparkling Wine
Beni di Batasiolo Moscato d'Asti Bosc Dla Rei Muscat Blanc Sparkling Wine
Borgo Reale Moscato d'Ast Muscat Blanc A Petits Grains Sparkling White Wine
Villa Lanata Muscat Blanc Dessert Wine
Bartenura Moscato Muscat Blanc White Wine
Moscato d'Asti DOCG Moscato Dessert Wine

Not only are Moscato wines sweet and tasty, they are also healthy for the body. Medical research shows that wines are filled with flavonoids which are known to purify the heart and increase healthy blood circulation in the body. If you are worried about the calories in Moscato wine, then don't be because 1 glass of Moscato wine contains only 123 calories. As compared to other types of wine, Moscato has less calories and more taste and health benefits, so enjoy this sweet wine and keep reaping its benefits.
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