Instructions for Using Microwave Rice Cookers

One of the most modern methods used for cooking rice happens to be a microwave cooker. Here are some insights on using a microwave rice cooker.
Tastessence Staff
Being an excellent cook is one thing and being an efficient cook is another. You might be a homemaker or a happy old bachelor, but you can never foresee when you might have some unexpected guests dropping by for dinner at your home. Cooking some fabulous rice recipe can be one of the best last minute resorts at such times. And with microwave rice cookers, you can expect an amazing bowl of fluffy rice in as little as 10 minutes. Here is how you can start using your new microwave rice cooker.
Contents of Microwave Rice Cooker Set
  • Microwave safe rice cooker with inbuilt latch
  • Steamer Basket and inner lid
  • Measuring Cup (8 oz)
  • Rice spoon
Using Microwave Rice Cooker
Remember, since the cooker is to be used in the microwave, do not keep any steel vessels within the cooker under any circumstances.
  • Any kitchen cookware, when being used for the first time needs to be washed thoroughly with warm water and a gentle kitchen soap. Do not use any metal scrubber as it can permanently scratch the smooth surface of your cooker.
  • Once washed, dry the cooker with a soft kitchen napkin.
  • Now, we start with the main cooking procedure. You need to wash the rice thoroughly under running water. One sign of thoroughly clean rice is when the water in the rice bowl starts looking completely clear.
  • Transfer the washed rice grains into the rice cooker container. Add some cooking oil and a pinch of salt. You may use plain water or chicken stock to the rice for cooking purposes. I have listed out the water proportions for your ready reference below these instructions.
  • Now close the inner lid and attach the main lid of the cooker. Check that the cooker latch is perfectly closed with a clicking sound.
  • Now let the cooker stay on your kitchen counter for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the microwave oven simultaneously.
  • Once the microwave is heated, place the cooker within the microwave for prescribed number of minutes. The time required for cooking varies with proportions of rice and the rice variety being used.
  • Check the rice after the prescribed number of minutes. You need to first remove the container from the microwave and place it on the kitchen counter. After the initial steam is let off, you will be able to feel the texture of the rice. If need be, you can place the container back into the microwave. While you do this checking, you can also stir in some spices to add flavor to the rice.
  • Once the rice is cooked, fluff it up gently with the spoon from the cooker set. And your rice is ready to eat.
  • If you need to serve the rice a little later in the day, then you can always place the cooker container containing cooked rice in your refrigerator. Once guests arrive, reheat the container for 2 minutes and your rice will be steaming hot.
  • Once done, clean the cooker with a gentle kitchen soap and leave it to dry.
Cooking Time with Microwave Rice Cookers
I have compiled a tabular chart stating the cooking time and quantity of water required for cooking purpose. Please note the volume of each cup as mentioned in the chart is precisely 8 oz. Readers will have to increase the quantity of water in proportion to the quantity of rice that they wish to cook. However, there will be only a slight variation of cooking time in case the quantity of rice is to be increased.
Rice Variety Quantity of Water Cooking Time
Long Grain White Rice 2 Cups 10 mins
Long Grain Brown Rice 2 Cups 35 mins
Whole Grain Brown Rice 2 Cups 15 mins
Blended Brown and White Rice 2 Cups 35 mins

The good news is that microwave rice cookers need not be used just for cooking rice. It can also be used effectively for cooking vegetables, steaming fish, preparing puddings and for making chicken broth. You can try some amazing rice cooker recipes on the cooker once you get used to using it.