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How to Color Fondant

How to Color Fondant to Make Your Cake Look Delectably Tempting

A colorful fondant can immediately transform a simple cake and make it beautiful and tempting. You can use food colors in different combinations to make colorful fondant at home.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Cake decoration is undoubtedly one of the best and most creative activities in the world. With many options like chocolate chips, sprinkles, jam, jelly, etc., your creativity will simply know no bounds. Using fondant is one of the most favored decoration options. The advantages of having fondant icing is that it is easy to make, can be made in different colors, and provides a smooth surface to decorate the cake.
Best Way to Color Fondant
You need to use icing colors to color the fondant. They are easily available in confectionery stores, in cake shops, or on the Internet. You may find it a bit difficult to find unusual colors or variations of a particular color, but you will have no problem in getting the basic colors. Here we will see the method for making fondant in pink/red color as it is one of the most favored colors used on a cake.
  • Plain white homemade fondant
  • Red icing color
  • 5-6 toothpicks
  • All purpose gloves
  • Wax paper
Method of Preparation
  • Roll the fondant onto a ball and press a bit to flatten it.
  • With the toothpick, put dots of icing color on the fondant. You should use a new toothpick every time you dip it in icing color.
  • If you wish to have pink fondant, add less color. You can always add extra later if it is too light. On the other hand, if you want a bright red fondant (in case you are making a bug/butterfly cake), you can add more color.
  • Now knead the fondant again till the color spreads homogeneously. The color need to blend properly. There should be no streaks, lines, or difference in shades visible on the fondant.
  • Once you are done with kneading, wait for a couple of minutes to check whether the color is perfectly blended. If the color is light, you can repeat the process and add some more color to get the desired hue.
  • Now roll and cut it into the desired shape. You can either place the fondant directly on the cake or store it in an airtight container and use later.
Different Color Combination
Sometimes, it may be possible that you may find only the basic icing colors like red, blue, and yellow. In that case, remember that you can mix these basic colors to form many other colors and shades.
  • Gold - ½ yellow + ¼ red
  • Green - ½ yellow + ½ blue
  • Orange - ½ yellow + ½ red
  • Violet - ½ blue + ½ red
If you wish to make pastel colors, you can add a bit of white color to any of the primary icing colors. When making pastel colors, you need to start with very little primary color and then add color gradually, to get the desired color.
Black Fondant
Now, while working with fondant, you would also love to experiment with different colors. Sometimes, you might also need a black or brown colored fondant. Well, these food colors can be obtained directly from the Internet. If not possible, you can use the following options.
  • Brown - ½ red + ½ green
  • Black - ½ brown + ½ blue
  • Black - 1 red + 1 blue + 1 yellow
If you are looking for natural food coloring, than you can use saffron for the natural orange color. Adding cocoa powder to the fondant is one of the most commonly used methods to get black or brown color. However, it is difficult to get colors like pink, blue, green, etc., for icing.
With these tips, you will have no difficulty in decorating your cake the way you want. Good luck!
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