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History of Enchiladas

Amazing History of Enchiladas - The Simple Street Food of Mexico

An enchilada is one of the Mexican dishes enjoyed by not only the Mexicans but also by the non-Mexicans. While some would prefer to have enchiladas as starters, others would love to have it as a whole meal. This Tastessence article gives us a brief intro of one of the most popular dishes of Mexico, the enchilada.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
An enchilada is a popular Mexican dish. It is one of the most popular dishes that could be bought from a street vendor in Mexico. Hence, it is popularly known as "simple street food". Enchilada is pronounced as "ehn-chee-lah-thahs". The term "enchilada" simply means " dipped in chili". Mexican restaurants worldwide cater enchiladas with different kinds of filling.
The History of Enchiladas
Many people describe Mexican cuisine as spicy, colorful, which has strong and mixed flavor. Mexican cuisine is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. One of the most popular Mexican snacks is enchilada.
Originally, an enchilada was made from a tortilla dipped in chili sauce and stuffed with cheese and beans or chicken and beef, sometimes with spinach. Today, there are different versions of enchiladas served in the Mexican restaurants around the world.
In the year 1949, an American magazine, American Food and Drink, described a enchilada as "a Mexican dish prepared more for tourists than for local consumption".
The enchiladas you eat from a street vendor in Mexico are quite different from the ones you must have eaten in a Mexican restaurant outside Mexico. The enchiladas you get outside Mexico are tortillas stuffed with fillings of your choice swimming in red sauce and molten cheese. These enchiladas are limp and are not crunchy.
Enchiladas Suizas was first introduced in a restaurant called Sanborn's in Mexico City. "Suizas" means Swiss. This is so-called because the dish uses a lot of cheese and cream. It is a tribute to the Swiss cuisine.
Aztec Enchilada Recipe
Aztec enchiladas are easy to make and is rich in iron and protein. Try out this quick to make enchilada recipe.


2 tbsp skimmed milk
1-cup corn
ΒΌ tsp chili powder
7 eggs
2 tbsp chicken broth
4 corn tortillas
1 sweet red bell pepper
2 parsley sprigs
In a bowl whisk milk and eggs to make it fluffy. In a skillet add corn and chicken stock and cook in a low flame for 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in the beaten eggs and sprinkle chili powder and salt to taste. Keep the flame low and stir occasionally, until the eggs are cooked.
On a square tray arrange the four tortillas. Place one-quarter of the fillings on each tortilla and roll it. Garnish with sliced pepper rings and parsley sprigs before serving.
Basic Methods of Making Enchiladas
The Aztecs used two methods for making enchiladas. However, enchiladas made in both the methods are tasty and would make an awesome brunch.
  • In the first method, tortilla is dipped in a chili sauce that is pre-cooked. Then it is filled with stuffing of one's choice and rolled.
  • In the second method, tortilla is first dipped in an un-cooked sauce, then it is fried before filling and rolling.
Enchiladas are a popular Mexican dish eaten by many non-Mexicans around the globe. A few of the popular fillings for enchilada is Mexican beans and cheese, loved by many vegetarians around the globe, chicken and herb enchilada casserole, shrimp and crab enchiladas in chipotle cream sauce and so on.
You could use pre-cooked and canned chicken if you do not have the fresh ones. Roasted, fresh or frozen chilies could be used instead of canned chilies. Remember, enchilada is one of the Mexican dishes recognized internationally.
Beef Enchiladas On Yellow Plate
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