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Golden Syrup Substitutes

Golden Syrup Substitutes
If you do not want to use golden syrup in a recipe, opt for a substitute. Go through this Tastessence article to know about some viable options.
Sonia Nair
Golden syrup is a liquid sweetener made from sugarcane juice. It resembles honey in appearance but is more like corn syrup in consistency. In fact, this sweetener is a substitute for honey as well as corn syrup. It has a unique nutty flavor and is sweeter than sugar. Otherwise known as light treacle, golden syrup is an indispensable ingredient for most traditional British dishes, especially desserts like the treacle tart and flapjack. Even though this product is now available in many countries, it may still be a tad difficult to find it everywhere. In that case, you can always use a golden syrup substitute.
Golden Syrup Alternatives
Golden syrup has a unique flavor that is difficult to substitute. But, there are some alternatives that can provide you with an almost similar flavor. The following are some of the golden syrup substitutes that may be used to replace this sweetener.

  • Honey: You might have heard about the use of golden syrup as a substitute for corn syrup and honey. Likewise, you may replace golden syrup with honey. But, honey can be expensive and may give you a slightly different flavor. Another problem with honey is that as compared to golden syrup, it reacts differently to heat and so may affect the flavor of the dish.
  • Corn Syrup: When compared to honey, corn syrup is more preferred as a alternative for golden syrup. While, some people find this substitute to be less sweet, according to others, corn syrup is runny. However, a variant of corn syrup called high fructose corn syrup is said to be more useful as a golden syrup substitute. Even dark corn syrup is said to be useful for this purpose. You may also make a combination of honey and corn syrup in equal amounts. Golden syrup can be used as a corn syrup substitute
  • Maple Syrup and Molasses: As mentioned above, maple syrup may be runny and can be very expensive. It may differ in flavor, too. The same applies to molasses--characterized by a very dark color and slightly bitter flavor. But, if you find these substitutes to be useful, try them out separately (choose light molasses). Otherwise make a mixture of one part molasses and two parts of corn syrup.
  • Homemade Golden Syrup Substitute: This can be prepared by heating ¼ cup sugar in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Shake the pan till the sugar spreads out in an even layer on the bottom of the pan. Now, mix a teaspoon of water with ½ teaspoon of vinegar and sprinkle this mixture over sugar. Place the pan over low heat and cook for four to five minutes without stirring. After that, increase the heat to medium and cook for another five minutes till it forms a caramel-colored syrup. Don't stir the mixture till it stops bubbling. Once the bubbling stops stir well and remove the pan from heat. You can use this syrup as a golden syrup substitute.

So, try any of the above substitutes when you run out of golden syrup the next time.
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