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German Foods List

The Definitive German Foods List - How Many Have You Tried Yet

The following article gives you a German foods list that you should try and include in your diet and see how you'll love it!
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Food. Any food is good, yes, but if you haven't tried German food, you really should. This is how my love for German food happened―my kid sister took a trip to Germany a few years ago. And obviously while she was there she had some traditional German food. That would've been alright if she hadn't gone on about how great it was. She kept mentioning all these foods that sounded really delicious and exotic. With the heavy 'shh' sounds too―Bratwurst, she said at one time and it got me thinking about how great it would be to sit in the setting sun and eat some bratwurst. Then this other time she mentioned how the spatzle was served so well in this quaint little place just outside town. More and more dishes began to make way into her daily speech Schnitzel, Milbenkäse, cheeses and chocolates and some fennel tea ... so I finally had to go see what this traditional German food was all about. And so that November morning found me at a local cafe in Germany and before me lay a beautiful spread of food. A treat for my palette and a dream come true for a true connoisseur of good food.
I don't just intend speaking about them, I'm planning to give you some German food names as well, so that if you ever visit Germany or get a chance to taste some of the German cuisine, you'll not be clueless. Here's a German foods list especially for you so that you can cook up some easy and authentic recipes.
German Foods―Best of the Best

So you'll of course need a German food guide when you look through this foods list or else how will you know which is what? You might think it's a cake and it might turn out to be a duck or something. So to save that confusion and help you make a better choice, here are some of the things that you should be trying from the list:
  • Streuselkuchen (Crumb cake)
  • Schweinebraten (Pork roast)
  • Maultaschen (Type of pasta)
  • Sauerkraut (A sour tangy tasting dish that is made out of shredded cabbage)
  • Frankfurters (Hot dogs)
  • Spätzle (Type of pasta)
  • Brathänchen (Fried chicken)
  • Buletten (Meatballs)
  • Bratwurst (Fried sausage)
  • Flammekuchen (Also known as 'flame cake'. This is a thin layer of pastry that is topped with cream, onions, and bacon. Cheese and/or mushrooms are sometimes added as well.)
  • Frittierte Zwiebelringe (Fried onion rings)
  • Doboschtorte (A seven-layer cake with mocha cream)
  • Rote Grütze (Red fruit pudding)
  • Salzburger Nockerl (A dumpling soufflé)
  • Nachspeise (Dessert)
  • Lendensteak (Sirloin steak)
  • Jägerschnitzel (A cutlet that is prepared with mushrooms and peppers)
  • Zwiebelsuppe (Onion soup)
  • Schlachtplatte (Cold cuts and sausage platter)
  • Sauerbraten (Marinated beef)
  • Currywurst (Fried or grilled sausage served with curry powder and ketchup)
  • Speckpfannkuchen (Pancakes served with bacon)
  • Stollen (A cake with citrus peelings)
  • Mettwurst (Soft smoked sausage)

German Food Names

Here are some other German food names that you can look up and surely try if you ever happen to visit Germany:
  • Rhabarbergrutze
  • Wiener Schnitzel
  • Kalbfleisch
  • Solyanka
  • Jagerschnitzel
  • Brotchen
  • Bratkartoffeln
  • Schweinshaxe
  • Pfefferpotthast
  • Mettbrotchen
  • Roulade
  • Aachener Printen
  • Salamipizza
  • Hasenpfeffer
  • Kartoffelsalat
  • Gurkensalat

Now I understand that you will not understand what these foods are when you simply read their names. But that should not be an excuse to not try out these cuisines. Just get to it and ask the local waiter to explain the dish. Then, according to your preference, choose something that you like. The best part about the list is that there is a wide range in every food type. Germans prefer their foods well cooked and in plenty, so rest assured there will not be a dearth of foods to try out. You take a single item like cheese and there are scores upon scores of choices to choose from. And ... You can't forget the German beer! Germans love their beer, and if you're a true blue beer fan, then you must try some of the wide varieties and choice of beers available here.
Rest assured, each and every item from this German foods list that I've given above should be tried. Then again, I have mentioned only a few items. There is a much, much wider choice of German cuisine and when you do take your trip to Germany, you can ask the locals and have a great, great time. Guten Appetit!
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