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Fabulously Creative Fruit Tray Ideas for Your Next Big Party

Fruit Tray Ideas
If you're confused about how to decorate your fruit tray to have it look presentable and inviting, then try the fruit tray ideas given below for inspiration.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Trying to decorate a fruit tray can be a real hassle. Half the times you don't know which fruit should go where. And many times, either everything seems to look good, or at other times, try as you may, nothing seems to fit well at all. What should one do in such a scenario? Simple. Go through these ideas given below and try them at home. These fruit tray ideas will be really beneficial for you because you won't have to break your head over the arrangement of trays anymore and yet you'll have some of the best decorating ideas to choose from.
Fresh Fruit Trays
Fresh Fruit Trays
Things You'll Need
  • Variety of fruits
  • Serving platter
  • Tongs
  • Dip (optional)
  • Mint leaves/Cherries (for garnishing)
  • Lettuce leaves
  1. Make sure that you choose your fruits well. Have a variety of them in bright colors and different textures to add variety to your platter.
  2. Wash all the fruits and dry them out.
  3. Be careful in choosing the fruits. Try to steer away from fruits that run, like watermelon or custard apples.
  4. Make two sections of the fruits―those which can be kept whole like grapes, cherries, strawberries, and other berries, and those which are sliced, like apples, bananas, and oranges.
  5. Start off by lining the platter with lettuce leaves to give it a great effect.
  6. Usually, platters have 2-3 sections so it becomes easier to segregate and arrange the fruits.
  7. Plan accordingly. Keep the perishable fruits or those which have been sliced (or have a greater fear of turning bad because of contact with air) onto the upper sections.
  8. Whereas the other fruits which will last longer onto the lower sections.
  9. You can spice things up by mixing them as well.
  10. Add a few bunches of grapes in the upper sections of the sliced fruits. It'll make for a great mix and match combination.
  11. Play with colors, like add bright strawberries next to orange slices for effect.
  12. Make sure that the center of the fruit tray is kept open so that the dip container can be placed there.
Creative Fruit Trays
Kebab Fruits
Fruit allsorts on skewers
You know how when barbecuing something you stick the meat and vegetables onto the stick and then use them over the flame? Do the same with the fruit tray! This is a creative way of arranging the fruits. Choose the kind of fruits that won't fall off easily like grapes and then arrange them onto the sticks for a great effect. When the guests arrive, simply hand them a stick. Fun!
Soaked Fruits
Fresh Fruit Salad in White Bowl
Instead of simply arranging the fruits as they are, why not flavor them all? Try dipping them in varied flavors like vanilla, honey, chocolate or strawberry. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.
Heart fruit
This will make for great holiday trays. Arrange the fruits in different shapes and mix colors to create a vibrant design which could range from anything like a heart, or a home or a scenery. Think back to the several cake decorations you've seen over the years and then try to emulate them.
Mix and Match
Fruit for a Cake
Who says it has to be only fruits? Try to do a mix and match with other ingredients. Think back to what goes well with fruits and you'll be surprised at the things that you come up with. Like, why not sprinkle nuts like pistachios, cashew, and raisins over the fruit tray? It'll add spice to the fruit tray and will also be a different taste for the guests. Not to mention texture.
Different Dips
Overhead view of fruit salad and chocolate sauce
Place a variety of dips or accompaniments with the fruit tray. Why serve them plain old fruits when you can do so much better? Place side dishes that go great with fruits like custard recipes, fondue, sweet milk. I can see the guests drooling right now. Of course, if someone wants to have the fruits plain, that is a choice as well.
Wasn't that nice? Some really creative and different fruit tray ideas to choose from. Plan your party better with these and you'll see people talking about your party for days after.
Fruit salad tray