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Dump Cake

Get to Know What a Dump Cake Really is and Find How to Make One

Delicious delight ... a description that insinuates you into the world of perfect harmony that spells taste in every molecule. A dump cake does just that! Get ready to soak your taste buds into this delicious delight called dump cake, courtesy this article.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Dump Cake
A dump cake makes you drool and drown into the reservoir of the delectable and soft munch. However, you may think that the name 'dump cake' does not suggest any ingredient that screams appetizing nor does it have a name that evokes interest. The name might just suggest how disloyal it is to serving your taste buds, by being subjected to the dumps! Well, to your sheer surprise and to my subservient relief, I have the opportunity to explain that the cake is contrary to what its name suggests. It is indeed a cake that your tongue generously testifies to.
What is a Dump Cake 
Names are supposed to be a bit mysterious and deceptive, if not then what is the fun in experiencing something exciting! This dessert to everyone's surprise is coveted to be a real relish, with it being the easiest cake that one may concoct. This delectable delight can be made by anyone. From kids beginning to learn the art of cake baking to a new bride trying to impress her mother in-law with her cake making prowess; the elementary dump cake recipes serve one and all.
A dump cake is a successful concoction of fruits preferably canned, with a layer of cake mix accompanied with toppings to add that extra smack. Cherries and pineapples are amongst the preferred and the most demanded by 'platter holders'. Nevertheless, you could also enjoy making and eating a dump cake that has other fruits as its base. Apples, pumpkin, peach are also among the top runners to make the cake all the more savory and mouth-watering.
Canned fruits are predominantly used in preparing cakes, however, you are free to experiment with fruits that you prefer. You could also resort to using fresh fruits as your base in the baking bowl. There are modifications in the recipe of this cake, that can make it all the more tempting and special. Strawberry gelatin is a popular choice with all those who don't wish to conform to the ordinary and the mundane.
If you have a sweet tooth demanding a lot more 'sweet nothings' from you, all you could do is coat the fruits in sugar or dip them in sugar-water, allowing them to macerate in their own juice. In case you have to rush for an important meeting but have promised to keep a delicious dump cake ready for your son when he gets back from school, all you need to do is use a canned pie filling or any variety of fruit pie and serve your son with a sweet platter.
Easy Dump Cake Recipe

Equip your kitchen counter with the required ingredients such as:
  • 1 Stick of Butter
  • 1 pk. of Canned Fruit
  • 1 pk. Cake mix
  • Place the canned fruits on the bottom of the baking bowl. Ensure that you place the fruits evenly. The canned fruit could be of your choice in entirety. Peach, pumpkin, pineapple, apple, cherries, you could make the dump cake with regards to the flavor you prefer.
  • Pour the cake mix (yellow or white) on the fruits. Stir this mixture gently.
  • If the cake mix forms granules while the mixing process is in action, do not smoothen it out. You could let them be the way they are as they deliver a crunch to the cake.
  • You could now apply butter or margarine to the sides of the baking dish and pour the mixture into the dish while you pre-heat the oven.
  • Coat the cake with a layer of butter and sprinkle a few cashews on top to give a rich feel to the cake.
  • Now it's time to place the cake preparation into the pre-heated oven.
  • Bake until you see the color of the crust turning golden brown.
  • The dump cake is ready! You could serve it with whipped cream.
Having known what this cake is all about, you could experiment, concoct and come up with flavors that cater to your taste buds. A dump cake is, indeed a budding cake-concocter's delight. Eat it to believe it!
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