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Where to Buy Citric Acid

Buying Guide: Where Should You Buy Citric Acid From?

If you are thinking about canning food, citric acid is a must. Read further to know more where to buy citric acid and what its uses are.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Citric acid is often used in the preservation of food. It is also used as food additive for preserving Vitamin C or to enrich the flavor of the food recipes. Besides, it is also used for buffering purpose due to its pH balancing properties. Its uses as a cleaning agent are also very common. In a tablet or a pill form, it often works great for indigestion problem. Its content varies slightly as per its usage. Hence, you should always buy it by considering its purpose. Also, you may not find all of its types in one shop itself. Thus, you should know where to buy citric acid, which is what is given in the following paragraphs.
Where to it be Found?
It can be found at pharmacy shops, health food stores, cleaning stores, or supermarkets. However, you will have to access a particular store depending upon your individual purpose. Buying citric acid powder in bulk is definitely a good idea if you are planning to can large amount of foods. You are likely to save a lot of money this way. However, if you are going to use it occasionally, for a recipe or cleaning purpose, always buy only the requisite amount.
Where to Buy Food Grade Citric Acid?
Food grade citric acid is used in recipes to keep the levels of vitamin C intact. It is also used for rendering sour taste to certain recipes. At times, it is substituted for fresh lemon juice. It is available in a powder or pill form. During canning season, it may be easily available at your local supermarket.
Look in the canning section of the supermarket. Health food shops and vitamin stores are yet another place for finding it. The one found at these stores is mainly available in bulk or as tablets. Moreover, buying from these stores is an expensive business, as you might have to shell several dollars just for an ounce. Some pharmacy shops may also store it in a tablet or pill form throughout the year. However, you may not always find it on open shelves. Hence, inquire at the prescription counter if they stock it.
Where to Buy Liquid Citric Acid?
It is used as a fixative for color during dyeing of the fabrics. It is also used as domestic cleaner due to its acidic properties. It can be found at the cleaning section of the supermarket. Some shops dealing in dyeing of fabrics may also have it. However, this may not be your best bargain, as the prices are pretty high. Therefore, if you are buying it for cleaning purpose, you may mix the powder form in water to get the liquid form. The more the acidic content in the solution, the greater its cleaning capacity. However, make sure you don't mix too much of it in water, as it may erode some delicate surfaces. Two teaspoons for every gallon of water is an appropriate proportion.
Another option is via ordering through the Internet. Certain sites list it in their food preservation category. Some bulk stores also have online shops from where you can make your purchase.
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