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Food Facts about Chicken

Absolutely Interesting and Nutritious Food Facts About Chicken

Chicken is probably the most popular of all meat products. Some interesting food facts about chicken are described in the following article. Read on to know more.
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Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Chicken is probably the most eaten and most loved non-vegetarian food product. This bird was probably domesticated in the very early centuries, after the nomadic man started settling down and domesticated animals for his benefit.
Interesting Facts
  • This bird is a descendant of the Red Junglefowl hybrid. The Gray Junglefowl were in fact domesticated before the Red Junglefowl. The idea to domesticate Junglefowl originated in the northern parts of India.
  • One can keep a raw chicken frozen for a time span of about 2 years. Though this kind of storage is possible and does not change the taste or flavor, it is advisable not to consume chicken stored for such a prolonged time period.
  • Have you heard about incubators that are used at poultry farms? Well, the prototype appeared about 4,000 years ago in Egypt, and it could hold 10,000 chicks.
  • A poultry farm worker who separates chicks into males and females is known as the sexer, and can separate 1,000 chicks per hour with almost 100% accuracy.
  • Chicken is not just popular, but it is also the staple diet of many people. Over 80 pounds of this meat is consumed by an average American every year.
Nutritional Facts
  • If you are health and diet conscious, then this is something that you should definitely know. An average dish of cooked chicken meat, weighting about 4 ounces, contains 337 calories. If you fry it, then the calories almost double.
  • The human body can derive about 30 different nutritional substances from just 100 grams of chicken.
  • Just as the nutritional value of chicken is very high, so is the energy measure. 100 grams of this meat contains about 916 kilojoules of energy.
  • There are 120 calories on an average in one serving of chicken meat. Sounds less for one serving, but it totals up to a big figure when we have a meal. They say that a good sense of taste on the tongue and a big appetite is not just a virtue, but it can also be a vice.
Fried Chicken Facts
  • Fried chicken nutrition? Well, about 900 calories per serving, that contain about 50 grams fat, 200 milligrams of cholesterol, carbohydrates, oils, and proteins. Phew, that's quite a lot! Avoid eating at night, and if you do, exercise the next day.
  • More than half the entrĂ©es ordered in fast food chains, hotels, motels, and restaurants are versions of fried chicken.
  • Did fried chicken originate in the United States? The answer is "yes and no". Fried chicken that we eat today originated in the United States, but the concept of frying this meat originated in Europe in the Middle Ages.
Chicken Soup Facts
  • Everybody enjoys a bowl of chicken soup when they are down with flu. Because of this, more than half the revenue of chicken soup manufactures of the United States is generated during the cold and flu season.
  • The chickens that are used to make soup products are known as "stewing hens".
There are several other facts about chicken that we do not know. For example, in olden times, Blancmange was made with chicken, meat, and sugar.
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