10 Best Malt Liquor Brands

Malt liquor is an American term for a particular type of beer which has high alcohol content. In an average beer, the alcohol content can go up to 5%, whereas, in a malt liquor, it can be between 5.5% to 12%.
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Edward Fortyhands is a drinking game played by taping 40-ounce malt liquor bottles to each hand. And the player cannot undo them till he has finished drinking both the bottles.

Malt liquor was created in the 1930s, and showed a promising future thereon. The return from prohibition on brewing in 1933 was rather difficult. Depression and World War II that soon followed made things further more difficult for brewers. Metal, gas, and other supplies were redirected for the use of warfare. However, the late 1930s brought in a new revolution, and nothing could stop malt liquor enthusiasts. They experimented with other ingredients. Soon began another battle, one to have the most successful malt liquor business in the country. Dawson Farber, Anheuser-Busch, and Joseph Schlitz were moving to the cities with larger budgets to launch their individual brews. This launched the beginning to a whole new market and competition for malt liquor.
Let's have a look at the best malt liquor brands that are available for you to choose from.
Brewery Voodoo Brewing Company
Alcohol % 8.20%
Appearance Faint yellow
Aroma Smells like malty alcohol, rice, grain, sweet corn
Taste Sweet, smooth
Carbonation Light to medium carbonation
Brewery Miller Brewing Co.
Alcohol % 5.60%
Appearance Deep golden ocher
Aroma Corny sweet, slightly malty
Taste Smooth, sweet, well rounded, leaves a little bit of an aftertaste
Carbonation Medium carbonation
Colt 444
Brewery Sun King Brewing Company
Alcohol % 6.00%
Appearance Golden yellow
Aroma Corn, barley, grassy, slightly yeasty
Taste Smooth, strong barley taste, hops, corn slightly yeasty
Carbonation Medium carbonation
Schlitz High Gravity V.S.L Very Smooth Lager
Brewery JOS. Schlitz Brewing Co. (Pabst)
Alcohol % 8.50%
Appearance Pale straw-amber color
Aroma Sweet corn, malt, light alcohol
Taste Sweet, smooth, malty
Carbonation High carbonation
Ionizer Lager
Brewery Lightning Brewery
Alcohol % 8.30%
Appearance Dull golden-amber
Aroma Grainy, honey, sweet, malty, corn
Taste Sweet, malty, corn, fruity; leaves a sweet, yeasty aftertaste
Carbonation Low carbonation
Steel Reserve 211 Triple Export
Brewery Steel Brewing Company
Alcohol % 8.10%
Appearance Clear golden-yellow
Aroma Malt, corn, grains, sweet
Taste Sweet, grain, smooth, toasty
Carbonation Low carbonation
Brewery Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse
Alcohol % 7.40%
Appearance Clear golden-amber
Aroma Sweet, grainy, yeasty, floral
Taste Sweet with a sugary-bitter aftertaste
Carbonation High carbonation
Redd's Wicked Ale
Brewery Miller Brewing Co.
Alcohol % 8%
Appearance Clear, pale straw golden-amber
Aroma Malty, apple cider
Taste Strong, sweet, apple cider, yeasty, grassy, alcohol
Carbonation High carbonation
Colt 45 High Gravity Lager
Brewery Pabst Brewing Company
Alcohol % 8.50%
Appearance Light, pale gold-yellow
Aroma Sweet corn, hops, malty
Taste Sweet, malty, clean, alcohol, smooth, hops
Carbonation Medium carbonation
Olde English 800
Brewery Miller Brewing Co.
Alcohol % 5.90%
Appearance Golden, light amber-yellow
Aroma Sweet malty
Taste Deep taste, sweet, malty, tangy
Carbonation Light to medium carbonation
The second thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'malt' is malt whiskey. You might be well aware of some popular brands such as Jack Daniel's, Bushmills Original, Glenfiddich, Templeton Rye, and Crown Royal. There's a whole range of malt whiskeys that you might like to try, such as Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 Years Old, Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old, Bowmore Laimrig 15 Years Old, and Aberfeldy 12 Year Old. If price is not an issue, you might like to try Galileo by Ardbeg Distillery, Yamazaki 1984 by Yamazaki Distillery, Highland Park 21 Year Old by Highland Park Distillery, and Talisker 18 Year Old by Talisker Distillery. A whole range of malts awaits those who can appreciate their delicate aroma, taste, and texture.