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What Your Eating Habits Say About You Can Be Truly Surprising

What Your Eating Habits Say About You
Your eating habits can spill the beans not only about your manners, but also about your personality traits. Read this Buzzle post to know about the interconnection between your eating habits and personality.
Madhushree Kelkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
"You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans." - Ronald Reagan
Are you still wondering as to why didn't the dinner date you had with a gorgeous girl click? One of the possibilities could have been, that your eating habits may have unintentionally given out 'less pleasing' details about your personality. It could have been anything like, ordering the food for both before asking her preference, eating too fast, making chomping noises, or taking a long time to order.

While we always watch our body language, manners, and conversation in order to have a favorable impression, we conveniently forget to keep a tab on our eating habits. Behavioral food expert and researcher, Juliet A. Boghossian, founded the original methodology of Food-ology: You are HOW you eat®. Based on an extensive research spanning more than 20 years, she has rightly linked personality traits with food habits.

Your eating habits can speak a lot about your personality. Knowing your eating habits and their impact on your personality, will help you to alter them in order to project the right image. Here are a few points that will suggest what your eating habits say about you.
If you like to ...
... eat too fast
If you are eating too fast, it may seem that you are a person who does not have a balance, when it comes to setting priorities. At times, you run the risk of coming across as an over-competitive person. However, people who eat fast are also said to be fastidious in their work, and often known to complete their tasks before the deadline. You may also be seen as a considerate person, who puts others ahead of your needs. However, remember that eating too fast may not be good for your health, so try to maintain a balanced pace.
... eat too slow
Slow eaters often come across as people who want to enjoy every single experience in life. They take out time to enjoy every morsel of their food. Often times, in their quest for savoring the food, they end up taking a lot of time, which irritates others. Slow eaters are said to put themselves and their needs ahead of others. It is said that they are selfish, and do not give priority to others. Also, they may be equally slow in completing their tasks.
... adapt, in order to match the pace of your companions
If you are able to adjust your eating pace according to your companions, it speaks largely of your ability to adapt with different people and situations. You are friendly, and a complete people's person. You can easily make friends and social connections, wherever you go. You have the knack to predict and interpret the thoughts of others, and behave accordingly. This makes you very popular among your friends. However, on the flip side, you may always end up giving priority to others over yourself.
... change your pace, based on your schedule
You are a taskmaster, and like things to happen as per the schedule. So, when you have a little extra time, you enjoy your food slowly, and when you have to rush for a meeting, you may just grab a takeaway. The best part about you is that you are reliable, and always take a task to its completion. You are sincere, and like chasing deadlines. However, at times, you may need some free time for yourself, but may not get it due to your busy schedule. You prioritize everything in your personal and professional life, and pursue them accordingly.
... experiment with food
If you are mixing two or more different food items, it means that you are not afraid of experimenting in life. Also, you like new challenges in life to keep you going. It also seems that you can shoulder many responsibilities simultaneously, however, concentrating on a single task can become a problem for you. Also, people who mix two or more foods often lack the knack to prioritize the most important things in life. However, they are extremely good at multitasking.
... order without looking at the menu card
Not only will ordering without looking at the menu card portray you as a snob, but it will also make you look like someone who is not open to accepting changes. You may come across as a rigid person, who does not change according to the time and situation. This will not create an appropriate image, especially, if you have gone for a lunch or dinner with your colleagues or boss.
... take a long time to order
There are people who just go about browsing pages of the menu card. They take a long time to read about all the ingredients of various dishes, as if it is an investment plan. They are more driven by the process of choosing the dish, rather than zeroing down on one and ordering it. However, in spite of the fact that this action speaks about their indecisiveness, they make good leaders.
... make weird noises while eating
If you have a habit of making noises while eating, you may come across as a mannerless person. People are often repulsed when they see someone making loud chomping or slurping noises. Some people do not change the habit, in spite of being told about it several times. Hence, they come across to others as rude individuals. However, few people may suffer from medical problems, leading them to make weird noises while eating their food.
... cut the entire meat at once
A person who cuts the entire meat at once, often comes across as a strategic and progressive thinker. Also, he is methodical in his approach. Hence, from a career perspective, he will do well in fields that require precision, strategy, and logic. He may be best suited for technical fields like engineering, computers, accounts, etc.
... eat one type of food at a time
If you like eating one type of food at a time, you may be detail-oriented and methodical in your approach. You may complete a task with utmost dedication and precision. However, you may be set in your ways of thinking or behaving, and may not welcome a change easily. Your personality may have become rigid and inflexible. This may not prove beneficial for you in the long run.
... ask questions about the menu
If you are inquisitive and like to try different cuisines, it talks about your open-mindedness. You come across as a creative person, who wants to taste everything that life has to offer. Knowing about different dishes also tells that you are curious, and wish to gain knowledge. You may even go against the current to implement new ideas, and are not averse to experimenting in life.
... take the entire portion for yourself
While offering food to others who accompany you will reflect you in a positive light, not doing so can send a negative signal about your personality. People may think that you are too selfish or stingy to share, and prefer to have all the food for yourself. However, an open-minded person may think that you are an independent thinker, and do not believe in offering food, just for the sake of it. Few may even appreciate you for being true to your individuality.
... keep foods from touching each other
If you do not like corn to touch the broccoli on your plate, and prefer to keep every single food item separated, then you may be a person who likes to maintain order. Also, you have a penchant to keep everything clean and neat. People who like to keep their foods from touching each other, may be those who like things well-organized. However, it is advisable that you don't overdo it, or your date will think that you are having an obsession about keeping your food items separated.
Now that you know what your eating habits say about you, ensure that you project a favorable image. The link between your eating habits and personality is strong, hence, incorporate the right eating habits in order to impress others.