Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

Did you know that apart from making some really delicious recipes, there are several other ways to use Greek yogurt? Yes, this wonder yogurt is excellent for skincare, haircare, bodybuilding, and weight loss to name a few.
Tastessence Staff
Greek yogurt is richer, thicker, and creamier than other types of yogurt. It is available with 10% fat, whole-fat, and fat-free options, all of which are extremely high in its calcium content. Yogurt in general, is excellent for health, especially for women who require more calcium for a balanced health. Yogurt has friendly bacteria which helps fight against the overgrowth of fungi or yeast candida, which is the main culprit behind yeast infection among both men and women. A daily intake of yogurt will help improve the body's immunity against minor infections and diseases. Greek yogurt can be used as a substitute for whipped cream, milk, sour cream, and mayonnaise.
Culinary Uses
#1 - Yogurt Smoothies
Did you know that you can make delicious and absolutely mouth-watering smoothies with Greek yogurt? Now you need not use milk, instead pour yogurt into the blender along with fresh fruits, after which you may add a tablespoonful of fresh honey or sugar. However, I prefer using honey or natural fruit syrup. This smoothie will be thicker than usual, albeit tangy yet delicious.
#2 - Salads
You can make amazing fruit salads using Greek yogurt, without having to add the extra calories through mayonnaise and other sauces. You need not use oil either, since you can go in for the fat-free Greek yogurt brands. You can even make delicious tuna or chicken salad using yogurt instead of sour cream. Add in all the necessary condiments so as to give the required flavor as per your taste, after which all you need to do is to let the yogurt blend in with the meat. For doing this you must let it stay in the fridge for about an hour.
#3 - Marinade Chicken
Greek yogurt like all other types of yogurt, can be used to marinade chicken and other meats. In order to do so, you must first mix the necessary spices and condiments with the yogurt. After which you must spread the concoction evenly all over and in the inner layers of the chicken, so that the ingredients seep into the flesh. Let the chicken stay in the fridge for about an hour, after which you may either roast the chicken, or bake it, or grill it instead.
#4 - For Making Dips
There are endless recipes which you can make by using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and mayonnaise. You may add fresh minced tomatoes, coriander or basil leaves along with some freshly ground garlic cloves and ginger roots so as to add flavor to the dip. If you prefer your dip to be a tad bit spicy, do not hesitate to add some green chillies and some freshly ground black pepper.
#5 - Breakfast Recipes
You can have a bowl full of nutritious food by adding Greek yogurt to your breakfast cereals, such as oats, muesli, simple porridge, or cornflakes. Mix the two together and add as much honey or maple syrup as you would require, after which you may add fresh fruits to your yogurt, such as slices of orange, banana, mango, grapes, or apples. Whichever fruits you think tastes good with your yogurt will do, because the objective is for you to enjoy your meal. You may simply mix yogurt with fresh fruits if you feel that adding cereals will make your meal too heavy for the morning.
#6 - Add to Curries
If you like making east Indian cuisines, you may fearlessly add yogurt to your curries. The end result will be a culmination of exotic flavors. Do not forget to add turmeric and coriander powder to the dish as these are a must have in almost all Indian cuisines. Oriental and Lebanese cuisines partake in adding yogurt to their exotic flavor as well.
Skin Care
Yogurt per se is believed to be good for skincare and helps in reducing acne, sunburn, and blemishes. The fat in yogurt provides nourishment to the skin and does not allow it to dry out, unlike commercially sold face masks. Greek yogurt is known of its thick consistency, and thus when it is applied on the face, it provides excellent moisture to the skin and the lactic acid helps to gently bleach the skin. You may add a teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice, and honey into the yogurt face mask, and allow the paste to sooth your facial skin for 15-20 minutes. Never prolong the application for more than half and hour it may cause redness and itching. You may also apply this yogurt on the scalp to fight dandruff and for conditioning dry or rough hair.
For Babies
Babies as old as 6 months and more can be fed yogurt, as long as its completely natural and does not have artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Sugarless and natural Greek yogurt, minus the flavors is the more suitable alternative for baby food. Feel free to add a mash of prunes, bananas, and other fruits into the yogurt, to make it sweeter for the baby. You may add honey to the meal as well.
Proteins for Muscles
Greek yogurt has the highest content of proteins. Bodybuilders and athletes, who need extra proteins must make this yogurt a part of their daily diet and try to snack on a cereal-bowl of Greek yogurt everyday.
For Weight Loss
Greek yogurt is famous for being loaded with calcium and proteins, and has comparative very less carbohydrates, which makes it a suitable option for those wanting to lose weight. It is also great for diabetics, who can control their carb intake through this yogurt. Go in for the fat-free alternative of Greek yogurt to keep the extra calories at bay. Remember, a bowl of yogurt a day keeps the weight away!
Against Yeast Infection
Simply eating pure yogurt on a daily basis can heighten resistance and immunity against infections. Sugarless Greek yogurt can also be used for alleviating genital yeast infections. The thick consistency and the probiotic properties of this yogurt, makes it a convenient option for topical application. Women may use a tampon soaked with yogurt, while men can simply apply this yogurt like a ointment on the affected area.
Yogurt must be made a part of your daily diet. Those who suffer from bouts of yeast infection must try to avoid having sweetened yogurt, as it makes the condition worse. Therefore, for attaining overall health and wellbeing, Greek yogurt is the right dietary choice.