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Here's How You Can Make an Absolutely Delectable Swedish Fish Shot

How to Make the Swedish Fish Shot
Swedish fish shot is a famous Swedish drink that resembles the taste of a very popular Swedish fish jelly. Read about the recipe of this sweet sinful drink here.
Prachi Patkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Swedish Fish Shot
Having low sodium content, this drink does not contain cholesterol or saturated fat.
Swedish fish is a candy manufactured by the Malaco company which is mostly red-colored. The candy is fish-shaped and the word 'Swedish' is written over it. This gummy sweet is loved by many all over the world. Swedish shot is prepared to taste like Swedish jello and hence can be called Swedish fish shot. This beverage makes for a good party drink.
Things to Use
Shot glasses
1 ounce measuring cup
4 Ounce vodka
8 Ounces of Blackberry Schnapps
Cranberry juice
Ice cubes
Swedish jello fish (optional)
➢ Measure out 4 oz of vodka and 8 oz of Blackberry schnapps.
➢ Add Cranberry juice to it as per your liking.
➢ Crush the ice to be added.
➢ Put the mixture in a shaker with crushed ice. Cover it and shake well.
➢ Filter out into shot glasses.
➢ Put a fish gello in each shot such that its tail sticks out.
➢ Refrigerate the shots for sometime before consumption.
➢ Swedish jelly fish can be added to this beverage. However, avoid keeping it for a long time as it tends to bloat, and changes the flavor of the drink.
➢ Lingonberry juice can be used as a substitute to cranberry juice.
➢ Triple sec, a liqueur made from orange peels can be used as a substitute to vodka in this preparation.
➢ For a strong drink, lessen the amount of cranberry juice.
A twist to this drink by adding blue-colored raspberry jello to replace the alcoholic beverages, can make it a very good dessert for any kids' party.
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