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How to Make Delicious Chicken Crispitos - A Crunchy Delight

How to Make Delicious Chicken Crispitos
Crispitos are those crisp rolls that you must have seen in different cafés or eaten in your school. You get to buy it as well, but Tastessence teaches you how to make them. Easy recipes are given to you so that you dish out yummy crispitos at home.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Crisp Tips for Your Crispitos!
◆ When you fill the tortilla with the filling, remember to keep some distance, and then wrap the end.
◆ You can use toothpicks to wrap the tortilla firmly. The toothpick will prevent the wrap from unwrapping.
Crispitos, a Mexican dish, is basically a filling that's tightly wrapped in tortilla or roll sheets, fried, and served crisp. The tortillas can consist of corn or flour. Crispitos count as a comfort food in many places, and you will mostly experience a different taste to every other crispito that you try out. This particular dish is not about a single recipe, it's about your favorite filling.

We give you some easy recipes, but remember, a crispito can be filled with all your favorites. So what are you waiting for? Gather all your favorite vegetables and meat and cook up a storm in your kitchen!
Recipes to Make Crispitos
Chicken Crispitos Using Enchilada Sauce
Chicken crispitos
Things You'll Need
➤ Enchilada sauce, ½ cup
➤ Shredded chicken, 1 cup
➤ Roll skins/tortillas, 6 - 8
➤ Cheese, shredded, ½ cup

➤ Sour cream
➤ Cheese
➤ Favorite dip
✦ Step 1: Mix the shredded chicken with enchilada sauce.
✦ Step 2: Grate cheese on it. You can mix some cheese spread if you don't have shredded cheese.
✦ Step 3: Put the filling in the roll skins/tortillas and wrap it properly.
✦ Step 4: Fry them till they are golden brown and crisp.
✦ Step 5: Drain out the excess oil using paper towels and let it cool.
✦ Step 6: Use a dip of your choice and serve.
Chicken Crispitos Using Hot Sauce
Things You'll Need
➤ Roll skins/tortillas, 6 - 8
➤ Shredded or cut pieces of chicken, 1 cup
➤ Diced onions, ¼ cup
➤ Diced tomatoes,¼ cup
➤ Lettuce, few leaves
➤ Hot sauce, ¼ cup
➤ Cheese, ¼ cup

➤ Sour cream
➤ Cheese dip
➤ Salad
✦ Step 1: Mix all the ingredients to make the filling.
✦ Step 2: Fill it in the tortilla and wrap the mix tightly in the roll.
✦ Step 3: You can keep it in oven at 325°F or you can just fry it in oil.
✦ Step 4: Fry till they are brown and crisp.
✦ Step 5: Drain the excess oil and let it cool.
✦ Step 6: Garnish and serve.
Chicken and Cheese Crispitos
Chicken cheese crispitos
Things You'll Need
➤ Cooked and shredded chicken breasts, 4
➤ Cheese, 1.5 cups
➤ Salsa sauce, 1 can
➤ Tortillas, 20
➤ Chopped onion, 1 cup
➤ Oil to fry

➤ Sour cream
➤ Cheese
➤ Avocado salsa
✦ Step 1: Mix the chicken with salsa, onion, and cheese.
✦ Step 2: Spread some oil on the tortilla. Fill each tortilla with the mixed ingredients.
✦ Step 3: Roll the tortilla.
✦ Step 4: Heat a pan with oil. Fry the tortillas till they are brown.
✦ Step 5: Drain the excess oil on paper.
✦ Step 6: Let it cool down.
✦ Step 7: Serve it with your favorite dip.
Chicken Chili Crispitos
Chicken chili crispitos
Things You'll Need
➤ Chicken, 1 lb.
➤ Green chilies, 4 - 6
➤ Bell peppers, medium, 2
➤ Onion, 1
➤ Fried Beans, ¼ cup
➤ Tortillas, 12
➤ Hot sauce, 4 tbsp.

➤ Extra Chilies
➤ Salsa Dip
➤ Raw salad vegetables
✦ Step 1: Take oil in a pan, and sauté onions, beans, bell peppers, and green chilies.
✦ Step 2: Mix the chicken in it and let it cook.
✦ Step 3: Add the hot sauce as per your convenience.
✦ Step 4: Take one tortilla and warm it.
✦ Step 5: Start filling the tortilla with the chicken and vegetable mixture.
✦ Step 6: Wrap the tortilla properly so that it won't separate while frying.
✦ Step 7: Add oil to the pan and fry all the filled tortilla wraps.
✦ Step 8: When you the rolls are crisp enough, remove it and drain out the extra oil. Let it cool down.
✦ Step 9: Use a spicy dip to spice it up, and serve.
If these lip-smacking crispitos don't make you drool, we don't know what will! You can follow the above instructions or come up with your own fillings to enjoy this comfort snack. Don't forget to tell us your recipes!
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