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8 Good Substitutes for Tahini

8 Good Substitutes for Tahini
Any culinary activity demands a unique sense of taste and knowledge about the ingredients. As was rightly said by Nathan Myhrvold, "Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials." On this note, let's find out some easy substitutes for tahini, which until now, seemed to be the never-ever-miss ingredient to many.
Samarpita Choudhury
Know What You Eat!
Sesame seeds, the main ingredient of tahini, are known to increase body temperature.
The need to find the right substitute is mandatory, and the process to find it is challenging. A wrong choice could alter the taste of the dish and even produce miserable results. Tahini, which henceforth, will be the subject matter of this article, is a smooth, nutty paste made from crushed sesame seeds. It owes its origin to the Middle East, and has topped as a key ingredient of many Middle East recipes. These recipes have gained momentum in many parts of the world such as Europe, America, and Asia. There are ample reasons to find a substitute for this Middle Eastern twist, like its unavailability when you need it the most, or its bitter taste which prevents its consumption, or simply a tahini allergy. The reasons are ample, and so are the substitutes. Let's take a closer look!
Peanut butter
It's a creamy paste of some roasted ground peanuts. It isn't bitter to taste and could be substituted easily for tahini. It is readily available and is a storehouse of many nutrients, which work wonders for our body.

Nutrinfo: Studies say that peanuts are a storehouse of antioxidants, which reduce the risk of heart ailments.
Almond butter
Grab a handful of almonds, soak them, dehydrate them, and quickly blend all of it in a food processor to have a smooth paste. This is almond butter, which you can use as an alternative to tahini.

Nutrinfo: Almond butter is packed with fatty acids. These are unsaturated and hence do not pose any risk of increased calories. Studies suggest that a combination of almonds with fruits could be taken as a health-alternative diet regime.
Sunflower seed butter
You can always grind sufficient sunflower seeds in a blender and store it. You can use it as a healthy substitute, and it can also be used as a wholesome spread.

Nutrinfo: Sunflower seed butter is a storehouse of vitamin E, which helps as a fat-soluble antioxidant. These seeds are ideal for people who are allergic to nuts.
Cashew butter
To make this wonderful substitute, you need a desired amount of cashew nuts, some oil, a pinch of salt, and some sugar. You need to blend all of it to have the butter. You can alter the supply of oil, depending on the consistency you want.

Nutrinfo: Cashews are a rich source of various minerals like copper and magnesium, which are prerequisites to strong and healthy bones. Also, it's a quick source of instant energy.
Hempseed Butter
Combine a handful of hempseeds, preferably with shells, some amount of hempseed oil, and a little bit of honey. Blend all of it to get the butter.

Nutrinfo: Hempseeds are safe to use. The allergies associated with them are rare. Also, it has all the amino acids that a human body requires.
Macadamia nut butter
Firstly, soak macadamia nuts, and either dry or roast them. Secondly, club all the ingredients, including macadamia seeds, coconut oil, and salt to suit your taste. Add some honey if you so want. Blend it all in a blender, and store it to enjoy your meals.

Nutrinfo: It's a rich source of iron, copper, and fiber. Unlike most nuts, macadamia seeds are low in omega-6 fatty acids and phytic acids.
Soy butter
You need to combine soy milk, some oil, and mix it thoroughly in a blender, following which you will need to add a drizzle of lemon juice. Beat it, till you obtain a thick consistency. Refrigerate it, to have the perfect thickness of butter, and use it happily as a very good substitute for tahini.

Nutrinfo: A good alternative for nuts and dairy.
Chickpea flour
This alternative, also known as besan, is widely used in Asia and other Middle Eastern countries. It is very easy to make at home. Roast the chickpea seeds and blend it in the blender. That's it!

Nutrinfo: It is wonderful for those who are particular about following a gluten-free diet. It is abundant in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
You can try any one or all these ingredients as substitutes for tahini, and continue savoring on healthy and palatable food.
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