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Rob Roy and 9 Other Famous People Who've Drinks Named After Them

10 Drinks Named After Famous People
People ask "what's in the name", but I say the 'the name' is everything. Having a drink named in your honor is something that everyone pines for. Check out ten such drinks that are named after famous people.
Neha Deshpande
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Unfortunately Named!
Mel Gibson's infamous drunken rants prompted the Oak Room in New York City to name a drink in his honor called "The Bipolar Cocktail."
Whatever celebrities do, it adds to the limelight. To carry their legacy forward and keep their name alive, many of these famous people set up industries, hotels, clothing lines, or perfumes after their name. However, the main honor lies in someone being inspired by your personality and giving your name to a brand. Here I am talking about drinks that have been named after some famous people.

Imagine a signature drink against your name, awesome isn't it? So, if the weekend is approaching, and you are already working on your plans about the drinks and menu for the party, then why not surprise your friends with something new, which they might have never tried. This Tastessence article gives you some of the special drinks that have been named after famous people. These easy-to-make drinks will surely drive your guests crazy, and moreover, you can brag about its origin and people associated with the drink.
Ten Drinks Named After Celebrities
The Story Behind It - Margarita is a drink that everyone knows, but are you aware from where the name came from? Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German ambassador, visited Ensenada where the bartender of Hussong Cantina experimented with some drink, came up with this for his guest, and even named it after her. However, there are many more claims for the invention of this drink.
Margarita In Glass

● Tequila (blanco, 100% agave) - 1½ oz.
● Fresh Lime Juice - 1 oz.
● Cointreau (not Triple Sec) - ½ oz.
● Salt - For rimming the glass
● Ice - As per requirement


» If you want to use salt for rimming the glass, then take a chilled glass, and moisten the rim with a damp paper towel.
» Put some salt in a shallow plate, and dip the glass in salt.
» Once it is done, fill the glass halfway with ice.
» Add tequila, cointreau, and lime juice. Mix it well, and serve.
The Cointreau Teese
The Story Behind It - This beautiful violet-colored drink has been invented by Dita Von Teese, frequently dubbed as the "Queen of Burlesque." She introduced the drink -- The Cointreau Teese -- that was named after her. The violet color and the flower on the rim has the power to impress your guests. If you decide to take your lady love on a date, then this is the drink to win her heart.
Floral Cocktail

● Cointreau - 1½ oz.
● Monin Violet Syrup - 1 oz.
● Lemon Juice - ¾ oz.
● Apple Juice - ½ oz.
● Ice - As per requirement


» To make this beautiful drink, you don't need to take a lot of effort. All you have to do is to take a cocktail shaker.
» Fill it with ice, and then add cointreau, lemon juice, violet syrup, and apple juice.
» Shake it well, and pour it in a chilled cocktail glass.
» You can add a little essence of ginger on the rim.
Shirley Temple
The Story Behind It - Everyone knows the beautiful lady, Shirley Temple. The drink was named after her by a bartender at Chasen's -- a restaurant in California. It was invented in the 1930s when he used to serve the little Shirley Temple. It is a non-alcoholic drink, mostly served to amaze the beautiful kids in the party.
Alcohol Cocktail

● Ginger Ale - 6 oz.
● Orange Juice - 3 oz.
● Grenadine - ⅔ oz.
● Ice - As per requirement
● Lemon Slice
● Maraschino Slice


» Take a tall glass, and fill it halfway with ice.
» Then pour orange juice and ginger ale over it.
» Mix it with a spoon, and then add grenadine to it.
» You can decorate the glass with a slice of lemon over it, and add a cherry slice on top of the drink.

If you want, you can use soda instead of juice.
Arnold Palmer
The Story Behind It - This drink has been invented by the legend himself -- the American golfer Arnold Palmer. The story says that he loved having ice tea with lemonade at home. Once, when he ordered the same drink at the bar, a lady overheard it, and she too asked for the same addressing it as the 'Palmer Drink'. This drink is also known as 'Half & Half' in some parts of the US.
Arnold Palmer

● Lemonade - 4 oz.
● Iced Tea - 4 oz.
● Ice - As per requirement


» Take a long and chilled glass, and pour lemonade and iced tea in equal quantity. Stir it well.
» Add some ice as per requirement, and relish the drink.
» While serving, you can garnish it with a slice of lemon placed on the rim of the glass.
The Gibson
The Story Behind It - Many stories go with the invention of this drink. Some say that it was invented by Charles Dana Gibson who asked the bartender Charley Connolly to create this drink. There is one more story which comes up -- Walter D K Gibson was the mastermind behind the drink. I say that whoever it is, thank you for the amazing cocktail.
Gibson Cocktail

● Gin - 2½ oz.
● Dry Vermouth - ½ oz.
● Cocktail Onions - 2
● Ice - As per requirement


» Take a cocktail shaker, and pour gin and vermouth as per the given quantity.
» Then add some ice, and shake it well.
» Pour the drink in a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish it with the cocktail onions. You can also replace gin with vodka if you wish to.
The Rob Roy
The Story Behind It - The Rob Roy cocktail was invented by a bartender at the Waldorf Hotel in 1894 on the occasion of the premiere of film -- Rob Roy. The drink was given the name in honor of the Scottish folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor, mostly known as Rob Roy. You have a choice of having the drink straight up, or on the rocks as well. It's your call!
Rob Roy Cocktail

● Scotch - 1½ oz.
● Sweet Vermouth - ¼ oz.
● Angostura Bitters - as per requirement
● Ice - As per requirement
● Maraschino Cherry - 1 or 2


» Mix scotch, vermouth, and angostura bitters well using a mixing glass.
» Add ice as required, and shake it well.
» Strain the drink in a chilled cocktail glass. You can garnish it with a maraschino cherry.
» You can replace sweet vermouth with a dry one, and add an olive to it, or add sweet and dry vermouth and a twist of lemon to it.
Sailor Jerry and Cola
The Story Behind It - Norman Keith Collins was a well-known American tattoo artist. He was quite famous for his sailor tattoos, and thus he got the name 'Sailor Jerry' from his fans. He has a whole brand of rum that is named after him, but his signature drink of rum and cola is quite appreciated by all.
Glass of whiskey

● Sailor Jerry Rum - 2 parts
● Cola - 1 part
● Ice - As per requirement


» Take a glass, add ice as required, and add rum and cola to it.
» Garnish it with a wedge of lime.
» Whatever quantity you take, maintain a ratio of 2:1 of rum and cola, respectively.

There are many cocktails that are famous with the Sailor Jerry rum, but the above one is known to be the best of all.
Tomb Raider
The Story Behind It - A bartender in Cambodia created a drink in the honor of Angelina Jolie when she was in the southeast nation for her movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The bartender, Siem Reap of the Red Piano restaurant created this drink. Red Piano restaurant is quite an attraction for the visitors of Cambodia, who make sure that they do not miss out on this signature drink.
Lemonade In Glass

● Pineapple Juice - 3 oz.
● Malibu Rum - 1½ oz.
● Vodka - ½ oz.
● Dash Soda Water - 1 oz.
● Ice - As per requirement
● Lime Slice - to garnish


» Take a cocktail shaker, put some ice, and add all the other ingredients -- vodka, rum, pineapple juice, and soda water.
» Shake it well, and pour it in a chilled glass.
» Add the lemon wheel to the rim of the glass and may be an umbrella. Cheers!
David Bowie
The Story Behind It - The famous English musician, record producer, and actor David Robert Jones, commonly known David Bowie is the inventor of the drink. The David Bowie drink was created sometime before he stopped drinking, when he was trying his skills as a mixologist. The cocktail emerged in the New Deal Distillery in Portland, Oregon.
Cocktail Drink

● New Deal Puddle Chocolate Liquor - 2½ oz.
● Bourbon - ½ oz.
● Orange Wedge - to garnish
● Ice - As per requirement


» Take a mixing glass, and add chocolate liquor and bourbon to it. Stir it well.
» Once everything mixes well with each other, take a glass, add some ice to it, and pour the drink.
» Decorate the glass by adding an orange wedge to it, and relish the drink on the rocks!
The Story Behind It - The Bellini drink was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry's Bar, which is in Venice. When he created this fabulous drink, the yellowish-pink color reminded him of a painting that was made by Giovanni Bellini, who was an Italian Renaissance painter, and in honor of the painter, the drink was named Bellini.
Bellini In Glass

● Chilled and Dry Champagne - 3 oz.
● Peach Nectar - 2 oz.
● Peach Schnapps - 1 oz.
● Lemon Juice - 1 tsp.
● Crushed Ice - ½ cup


» All you have to do is to mix the peach nectar, Peach Schnapps, and lemon juice together in a blender.
» Then add crushed ice and finally some champagne to it.
» Use a chilled glass to keep your drink cool for a longer time.
There are some more signature drinks that are named after many famous people, like John Daly, Brandy Alexander, Obamatini to name a few. I have given you the recipes of my favorite ten, which I tried during my tours. Surprise your guests the next time, and enjoy the limelight. À la vôtre.
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