Chocolate Companies List

With hundreds of companies producing millions of chocolate bars in various shapes and sizes, it's no wonder people all around the world can't get enough of it. Tastessence gives you a list of big chocolate companies that are famous everywhere.
Tastessence Staff
Hmmm... chocolate. The mere mention of chocolate and our mouths begin to water. No matter how old we may be, our eyes begin to twinkle and the desire to taste just a piece comes forth. There are many people who get a bright smile on their faces when they hear, smell, or taste chocolate. There is literally no rule that restricts anyone at any age to have chocolate whenever and wherever they are. And that's the great thing about it. Chocolate is a sinfully delicious treat which everyone should have (but moderately). Now I'm sure that since I've been talking about chocolate so much, your mouth has definitely started to water and you're getting restless to have a bar right this instant. If you wish to put this article on hold and grab a bar, I wouldn't mind. But you've got to promise me that you'll be back and read more on the list. Why? Because that's what this article is going to discuss later on.
List of Chocolate Companies
Whenever we eat or even look at a bar of chocolate, we can't help but ask ourselves, Is chocolate good for you?" To that, all I'd like to say is that I don't care what people eat and drink. It's a personal choice. Moreover, if any food or beverages are consumed excessively, it can be bad for our health. But at the moment, we are not going to worry about any of that. In this Tastessence article, we are going to go over the table, mentioned below, of companies in the U.S. and around the world.
Company Names Country
Ah Cacao Real Chocolate Mexico
Alprose Switzerland
Amano Artisan Chocolate United States
Amedei Italy
Amul India
Anthon Berg Denmark
Askinosie Chocolate United States
Barry Callebaut Switzerland
Bonnat Chocolatier France
Cacaoyere Ecuador
Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. United States
Cadbury United Kingdom
Camille Bloch Switzerland
Chocolat Bernrain Switzerland
Chocmotif Ltd. United Kingdom
Chocolatera Moctezuma Mexico
Chocolates Para Ti Bolivia
Chocolat Stella Switzerland
Chocovic Spain
Choklat Canada
Cocoa Processing Company Ltd. Ghana
Confiserie Sprüngli Switzerland
CSCC Switzerland
Coppeneur Germany
Divine Chocolate Company United Kingdom
Dolfin Belgium
E. Wedel Poland
El Rey Chocolates Venezuela
Entrelagos Chile
Escazu Artisan Chocolates United States
Equal Exchange United States
Favarger Switzerland
Fazer Finland
Felchlin Switzerland
Ferrero SpA Italy
Frey Switzerland
Garoto Brazil
Ghirardelli United States
Green and Blacks United Kingdom
Godiva Chocolatier Belgium
Grenada Chocolate Company Grenada
Guittard United States
Guylian Belgium
Gysi Switzerland
Hachez Germany
Haigh's Chocolates Australia
Halba Switzerland
Hershey's United States
Holy Cacao Chocolate Israel
Chocolatera de Jalisco Mexico
ICAM Italy
Ishiya Japan
J. S. Fry & Sons United Kingdom
Jean-Paul Hevin France
Kalev Estonia
Kraft Foods United States
Läderach Switzerland
Laima Latvia
Léonidas Belgium
Lillie Belle Farms United States
Lindt & Sprüngli Switzerland
Manufaktura Czekolady Poland
Mast Brothers Chocolate United States
Mayordomo Mexico
Michel Cluizel France
Mindo Chocolate Maker Ecuador & United States
Natra Spain
Nestlé Switzerland
Neuhaus Belgium
Omahene Cocoa Bean Company Ghana & United States
Patchi Lebanon
Patric Chocolate United States
Perugina Italy
Pierre Marcolini Belgium
Potomac Chocolate United States
Rausch Germany
Ritter Sport Germany
Royce' Japan
Berger Chocolate Maker
United States
Simka Serbia
Soma Chocolatemaker Canada
Soko Štark Serbia
Stirs the SOUL :: Raw Chocolate United States
Stollwerck Germany
Storck Germany
Sucre Chocolate United States
Taza Chocolate United States
Teuscher Switzerland
Thorntons United Kingdom
Traidcraft United Kingdom
Ülker Turkey
Valrhona France
Venezuelan Black United Kingdom
Venchi Italy
Verkade Netherlands
Villars-Maitre-Chocolatier Switzerland
Whitman's United States
Whittaker's New Zealand
Wilbur Chocolate United States
World's Finest Chocolate United States
Zotter Austria

So this was the list for you to review. Just a little addition about these companies―these are manufacturers that produce different types of chocolate bars from cocoa beans. The entire process is done by them; some making traditional chocolate bars and some offer unique, gourmet kinds.
I wonder, we never think that much in detail about the manufacturers and the people who put their hard work and dedication to produce that one piece of chocolate. We should think about it more often, don't you agree?