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Popular Mayonnaise Substitutes

Popular Mayonnaise Substitutes

Mayonnaise is easily one of the most popularly used condiments along with ketchup and chili sauce, around the globe. But there are certain foods that can be used in its place, for those seeking to avoid its harmful impact on health. Read on, to learn which foods are these.
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Along with fast food, mayonnaise is one food item whose presence at the dinner table invariably leads to a health debate. Mayonnaise is not exactly the most healthiest or nutritious of foods. It does have its uses and nutritional value but it can be bad for health, especially if one consumes it on a regular basis. So for those who go heavy on the mayonnaise, the ideal principle is to substitute it with an item, similar in taste and effect on cooking.

This is also ideal for those who are vegetarian or allergic, as mayonnaise is made from animal products. The trouble with finding a mayonnaise substitute is that, no matter how ideal or perfect it is, it will not satisfy everyone's palate. Some find them too sweet or sour, some find the texture unpleasing, others, the way the substitute reacts with food. So if you are looking for a wide range of mayonnaise alternatives, look for further, below is a round-up of the best items to use in place of mayo.

Yogurt as a Mayonnaise Substitute
Thick white creamy yogurt is a healthy mayonnaise alternative because of the difference in nutritional content between the two.

Name of Sauce Plain Low-Fat Yogurt (100 grams) Diet Mayonnaise (100 grams)
Calories 63 kcal 231 kcal
Protein 5.25 g 0.30 g
Fat 1.55 g 19.20 g
Sodium 70 mg 110 mg
Cholesterol 6 mg 24 mg

The biological makeup of yogurt is also easier on the digestive system, with the presence of microorganisms (bacterial cultures) that aid in digestion. Yogurt provides that rich, creamy texture that mayonnaise is famous for but in a more nutritional package. Also the various types of yogurt gives you, the consumer, a wider range of products to choose from. You can opt for low-fat or fat-free versions, plain or flavored yogurts and even exotic types like Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is one of the most popularly used forms of yogurt and is also a very popular substitute for mayonnaise. It is thick, has a unique tangy taste, is very versatile and enhances flavor in food and its nutritional value is much better than mayonnaise and plain yogurt.

Another yogurt choice is Ricotta, which is not really yogurt but is made from whey during the making of cheese. It is used for egg and tuna salads instead of mayonnaise and lends a little sweet and salty taste to its dishes. Use yogurt instead of mayonnaise, in making salads and dips and sauces. With dishes that need cooking or heat, yogurt is not ideal, so another substitute for mayonnaise will have to be used. You can spice up the yogurt as needed or mix it with other ingredients to go creative. Add Dijon or horseradish mustard for a zingy flavored mayo substitute.

Other Mayonnaise Alternatives
  • Using a blender, soften or blend some cream or cottage cheese. The cheese will turn smooth and thick and can be used in baked dishes and salads. If blended thin enough, it can be spread on sandwiches. For a more continental taste, try using Brie. Such cheeses are thick and binding enough. You can add salt and pepper to season or a little lemon juice for a zesty flavor.
  • Try some sour cream, either whipped or plain in your dips or on a sandwich as a mayo substitute. You can zing it up with some salsa or add some Dijon mustard. Sour cream is not that sour or bitter in taste, it also acts as a thickener. One advantage that it has over yogurt as a substitute, is that it reacts better to heat and can be used in baked dishes. You can even try crème fraiche, a sourer French version of sour cream.
  • Hummus, the Arab chickpea-olive oil paste is another favorite alternative to mayo, especially with the simple mayo sandwich (mayonnaise on 2 slices of bread). Hummus can be used on pita bread, tortillas or even on a pizza base or as a dip. It is very healthy as well, it serves as a rich protein food and has a high content level of Vitamin C and iron.
  • Salad dressings like Vinaigrette, Caesar and Ranch are also good ideas to dress up salads and snack platters instead of traditional mayonnaise. Even a light cheese dressing or salsa can help add a spicy and less eggy or thick essence to a dish.
  • Pesto sauce, with its rich herby flavor and ability to bind easily to most ingredients, is a lesser known mayo substitute. Mustard is also used, it can be added to most salads and used as a sandwich spread. Dijon mustard with its added wine content can give quite a kick to most dishes, that traditional mayonnaise cannot.
  • A very popular and healthy replacement for mayonnaise is olive oil. For sandwiches, just sprinkle a few drops on the bread or the sandwich contents and sit back and enjoy! Salads are also enhanced by this little liquid. Olive oil is very versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary items. It has less calories and keeps better as compared to mayonnaise. Use a little softened or blended tofu with some olive oil and you have a thick variant to use as a sandwich spread.
  • The two popular brands that serve the need of a vegan substitute for mayonnaise are Vegenaise and Nayonaise. Vegenaise has five different types, is animal product-free and gluten-free and is completely vegan. There is even a soy-free variant. Nayonaise is a soy-based vegan sauce; a gluten- and egg-free substitute. Both brands are popularly used in preparing vegan dishes, that need a mayo touch.

So, whether you are looking to cut mayonnaise out of your diet completely, going vegan and avoiding all animal products or simply trying to cut down on your mayo intake, try the above foods in your cooking and see which one suits your taste buds the best.
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