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Best Yogurt Brands

Best Yogurt Brands

There are many brands of yogurt in the market, but not all of them are good for health. This article tells you about some of the best brands that manufacture quality yogurt.
Geeta Dhavale
Yogurt is a highly nutritious dairy product that can be substituted for many unhealthy foods. Understanding its numerous health benefits, many brands have launched their products with some or the other USP quotient.

How to Choose a Brand

Amount of Calcium: Make sure that the yogurt you are buying contains at least 35 to 40% of dietary calcium of the total amount of yogurt. If the calcium amount is below this, then it is better not to buy that brand.

Amount of Sugar: There are many varieties, and you can go for flavored or sweetened yogurt if you want. But remember that they are loaded with unnecessary calories. So, if you wish to maintain good health and weight, then plain yogurt is best for you. Always check the calories before buying.

Amount of Fats: You must also check for the amount of fat a particular brand contains. If you are on a special weight loss diet, then you should go for low-fat yogurt, or yogurt made from skim milk which is low in fats and calories.

Healthful Organisms: It is always wise to buy yogurt with active and live healthful organisms, as it is more nutritious. Avoid buying those that have labels saying, 'heat treated', as these are less nutritious. The heat treatment may prolong the shelf-life of a product, but it kills the organisms in the process, making it less nutritious.

All you have to do is go through the ingredients list and nutritional value table printed on the container, and check if the brand has everything you are looking out for.

Best Available Brands

Given below are some of the most popular brands that people choose and savor. But remember, nothing beats homemade yogurt, as it is completely natural.

Yogen Fruz Frozen Yogurt: It is one of the best frozen yogurt you can buy. For those who love ice cream, frozen yogurt is an ideal option. It is low in fat and is slightly tart than ice cream. According to many satisfied consumers who just love this yogurt, it serves their sweet tooth very well.

Yoplait Yogurt: If you love experimenting with different flavors for each mood, then Yoplait is ideal for you. It tastes awesome and is available in many fruity flavors that make it more palatable. So, if you have kids at home, then this yogurt can be one of the healthiest for them.

Chobani Greek Yogurt: People who love the tart and tangy yogurt in its traditional form, Chobani yogurt is ideal for them. It is one of the probiotic yogurt which is high on proteins. You can choose from no fat, low fat, and full fat plain yogurt, when it comes to this brand.

Apart from these, there are many other brands you can go for. Following is a list of brands that you can refer to:
  • Dannon Yogurt
  • Fage Yogurt
  • Mountain High Yogurt
  • Brown Cow Yogurt
  • Stony Field Farms Yogurt
  • Nancy's Organic Yogurt
  • Okios Yogurt
  • Cascade Fresh Yogurt
  • Yobaby Yogurt
  • Trix Yogurt
  • Pinkberry Yogurt
  • Voskos Greek Yogurt
  • YoCrunch Naturals Yogurt
  • Rachel's Yogurt
  • Emmi Swiss Yogurt
  • La Yogurt
  • Alta Dena Yogurt
Many of the above brands are Greek and are known for their goodness. So relish some mouth-watering yogurt by choosing the right brand, and say goodbye to junk and fatty food.