White Zinfandel Wines

White Zinfandel is comparatively new in the wine world. Commonly called White Zin, the taste ranges from dry to sweet. This article explains what this wine is like, what it is made from, and the foods that go best with it.
Tastessence Staff
Wine is a drink mainly made from grapes. There are red and white wines. Red wines are stronger in taste. White wines, on the other hand, are lighter and are produced from the grape skin and juice of green, yellow, or gold colored grapes. This is the reason why white wine is either yellow, golden, or straw-like in color. One of the most popular is the White Zinfandel wine, also known as White Zin.
Color and Taste
White Zinfandel is pale rose, golden, or yellow in color. Sometimes it may be bluish in color. Normally, it is sweet but could be dry as well. It is light and is supposed to be consumed without aeration, hence it is believed to be a young wine. Perhaps that is why it is looked down upon by seasoned wine drinkers. It tantalizes the taste buds with a taste akin to fruit punch.
Production and Manufacturing
White Zin is mainly associated with the USA. The first harvest of Zinfandel grapes was in California. California has been touted to be one of the best places for wine because of the extremity in temperature in a single day; hot in the daytime and cool at night. It has been almost a century since the production of Zinfandel grapes started in California. In the past few years, these grapes are also being grown in Texas. White Zin is manufactured for immediate consumption, rather than waiting for them to mature. Sometimes, before the wine is bottled, fruit juices are added to make new refreshing flavors.
Wine and Dine
White Zin was considered to be an inexpensive jug wine. It is light and fruity, so it goes well with pastas―especially with cream sauces―fish, pork, bacon, Indian food, and anti-pasti. Moreover, it also goes with egg dishes and some other spicy dishes. The spice can be nullified by the fruity taste of the wine. The spicy and fruity flavors complement each other. For instance, rib steak or a casserole made with beef can be paired well with Zinfandel. The best part about this wine is that it can be teamed equally well with spicy, heavy, and light sauces. However, you have to make sure that you drink White Zin at a certain temperature to relish the taste. Ideally, they say that it should be consumed at around 54 degrees Fahrenheit, warmer than fridge temperature which is around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember not to leave White Zin out to aerate before drinking.