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White Merlot Wine

White Merlot Wine

As the name suggests, White Merlot wine is made using Merlot grapes. In this write up, we will get to know more about this wine, along with the number of calories it contains.
Bhakti Satalkar
If you think that wine is only made with grapes, then you're slightly mistaken. Fruits like apples and berries are also fermented to make wine. The grapes have a natural chemical balance due to which, when the juice is fermented, sugar, acids, enzymes, or any other nutrients need not be added to it. Different yeast is used to derive grape wines during the fermentation process. The sugar in the grapes juice is converted into alcohol by the yeast. Different grapes varieties, along with a different varieties of yeast are used to produce different types of wine. The wines are primarily classified as red wine and white wine. White Merlot is a type of white wine.

A Little Bit of Information

To make the wine, a particular type of grapes, known as Merlot grapes, are used. It is similar to the White Zinfandel wine. It can be attributed to the fact that the fermentation process for both these white wines is the same. It is known to have sweet cherry and raspberry aromas. The texture of the wine is full and rich. It is served chilled and can be used as an accompaniment to a picnic or for a barbecue evening. It can be served with seafood, as much as it can be served with poultry, ham, or other spicy cuisines.

Even though red grapes are used, the wine has very little trace of red color in it. This is because the grape juice is not in contact with the red skins of the grape for a very long period. Normally it is for a few hours, maximum for a couple of days. On the other hand, when red wine is made, the juices are in contact with the skin of the grapes for weeks on end, due to which they derive the red color.

This white wine is one of the top rated white wines, which is said to have originated in the Languedoc region of France. It is located in the southwest of the Rhòne region, closer to the Mediterranean Sea. This region does not produce Zinfandel grape, but they wanted to make white wines, this is when White Merlot wine was made using the Merlot variety of grapes. One of the famous Merlot wines is the Beringer White Merlot, which is the best white wine according to a lot of people. It is slightly sweet wine, which is similar to the White Zinfandel wine.

Calories in the Wine

If you have to compare wine calories in different types of wine, you will see that white wine is known to have lesser number of calories as compared to the red wines. It can be due to amount of alcohol present in each bottle of wine. When wine is fermented, sugar is not added to the grape juices. The calories come from the carbohydrates, which in turn are from alcohol content in them. The number of white wine calories will vary depending on the serving glass size of wine. The normal glass size is 3.5 oz., however, it is not uncommon to see wine been served in 5 oz. glass. In a 5 oz. glass, there are about 122 calories and 8.9 grams of carbohydrates. The number of calories in white wine amount to about 3 percent of the total daily carbohydrates consumption.

You can choose to make this white wine at home using the Merlot wine kit as well. The Merlot grapes are grown in California. Therefore, you will not have to make do with the other varieties of grapes to make the wine. If you make wine at home, you will be able to use it in the warm summer months.