Where Did Pizza Originate? The Story is Pretty Surprising

Where did Pizza Originate?
Many of us love pizza and we know that this delicious dish comes from Italy. But do you know where exactly was the first pizza born? Naples is widely regarded as the cradle of pizzas, but some consider Lazio to be its real home.
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
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Pizza, as we all know, is a very popular Italian dish made of baked bread topped with tomato-based sauce and cheese. Where was this Italian delicacy born? It originated in Naples, in the Campania region of Italy.
Flatbreads that resembled today's pizza bases were used in the first century, when they were described as being edible plates for other foods. These flatbreads hailed from the Mediterranean.
Green onion pancakes
The modern-day pizzas seem to be derivatives of the Chinese green onion pancakes. Some believe that pizzas originated from these pancakes, which were brought to Italy by Marco Polo.
Someone might even tell you that pizzas originated in the USA. But what is the truth? Where did the pizza really originate?
Pizza in Naples
It is widely accepted that pizzas originated in the Naples. Back in the 16th century, tomatoes were brought to Europe from the Americas. That time, many Europeans believed that tomatoes were poisonous. By the 18th century, the poorer sections of society in and around Naples had started adding tomatoes to yeast-based flatbread. The belief that tomatoes were poisonous may have been the reason why the richer section of society did not consume them. But this was how the pizza was born!
True pizza
Originally, pizzas were sold on open-air stands. Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba in Naples is considered as the world's first pizzeria. They started a pizza restaurant in 1830. According to the French writer and food expert Alexandre Dumas, pizza was the only food for the common masses in Naples during winter. Marinara and Margherita were regarded as the only two 'true pizzas'.
Pizzas with different toppings
With passing time, pizzas have evolved to have toppings that represent different cuisines and cultures. Today, the pizza has reached far and wide and earned immense popularity across the globe.
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