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Strong, Shy, Or Loud? What Does Your Wine Preference Say About You?

What Your Wine Preference Says About You
Wine, an all-time favorite drink for many, can speak a lot about your personality and characteristics. Are you a red wine or white wine lover? Find out what secrets your favorite wine has to reveal about you.
Bindu swetha
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
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When you are partying with your friends or are attending a meeting, the one thing that you cannot miss out on is a glass of your favorite wine. Red, White, and Rosé are the basic categories of wine, and each category says something about your personality. Yes! Your Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir can reveal details about your personality! Not convinced? Read on to know what your favorite wine has to say about you.
What Your Wine Choice Reveals
Before starting with the popular grape wines, let us first look at the base categories of wine.
Red Wine
Red wine
All the red wine drinkers out there will be really happy to read this. If you love your tipple of red wine, you are richer, more educated, and happier than any average person! You are likely to have a degree with you and will be happily married. You are well-settled with a decent salary. And yes, you are intelligent, confident, and strong. I never knew my glass of Shiraz could reveal such good things about my personality!
White Wine
White Wine
All white wine lovers will be happy to learn that they are known to be the practical ones amongst the lot. However, not many of the white wine lovers are highly educated or earn a hefty salary. They are generally content with their current jobs and may lack interest in climbing up the corporate ladder. Shy, practical, and quiet―that's how white wine lovers are!
Rosé Wine
Rose wine
Loud but charming―that's the best way to describe rosé wine lovers. You guys are full of life and enjoy every moment of it. You come across as a warm person, someone who is great company to be with. However, the not-so-good news is that rosé wine lovers are not highly educated nor do they earn very well. They are mostly in unmarried relationships but are definitely happy in them!
Favorite Wines
These were just the basic types of wines that could reveal little details about our personalities, but all of us have our favorite wines made from popular grapes! So, it will help us to reveal more about ourselves if we start looking at each brand of our tipple.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon, the yummy red wine that has everything from blackberries to plums to black currants, can be heavy on your wallet. And that's what it says about you! It says, business is what you like. You are conservative, powerful, and will be into the world of business. However, you have another side to your personality as well which is pretty bold. It also means that you can really sound blunt while giving an immensely honest opinion.
Pinot Grigio
Most wine lovers will know that Pinot Grigio can get you drunk big time! The commercial wine sends out the message loud and clear that you are of the cautious type. You play it safe every time you wish to do any work. And the best part is that you know what works the best for you! There is absolutely no need for you to get suggestions from people.
Sauvignon Blanc
This white wine has incredible taste sensations from herbal to flavors of grass! The smell is so sweet that it won't get unnoticed. And this is exactly how the Sauvignon lovers are. They are the life of any party and will never miss a chance to be in the limelight. As soon as you walk into a party or a meeting room, all eyes will be on you. And you definitely don't mind the attention as you are pretty outgoing who likes to make his/her presence felt.
Riesling, the white grape wine from the Rhine region, is known to be consumed young. The youngness of the wine is transferred to its drinkers! Riesling lovers are known to be vibrant and are like a breath of fresh air. They will always be up to something and thus, make for some great company. You will never be bored if these people are around. They also have a kind personality that will make you go "aww ..."
Pinot Noir
The most romantic of wines", as Joel Fleischman of Vanity Fair puts it, Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines in the world. The wine is made from black grapes that are the toughest to grow! So, for its lovers as well, quality matters a lot. They will not be easily let go of the quality factor in anything and will be ready to shell out more money for the same. Sophistication―that's what this wine says about you.
Gewürztraminer is an altogether different kind of white wine. It is exotic, has a spicy aroma, and lychee flavor. That's quite an unusual combination for a wine. And that's exactly how lovers of this wine are described―unusual! They are "out-of-the-box" thinkers who are willing to take the risk of doing something different. However, to do something different, you need to be creative enough. Gewürztraminer lovers are extremely creative people too.
Chardonnay is the most alcoholic white wine amongst the others and comes with oak overtones, which is quite a dominating aroma for a white wine! Its drinkers are also of the "be-in-control-of-the-situation" type. They are confident about themselves, both at work and home! They will make you feel extremely comfortable in their company as they are very easygoing and fun to be with.
So, the next time you are at a party or a social gathering, you can do a personality analysis of the people around you by taking a look at their drink!
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