Ways to Make a Smoothie Thicker

Creamy, nutritious, and robust in flavor - smoothies aren't just for fitness fanatics, but also for those who love preparing them on a lazy afternoon. Why not make them all the time, I say! For smoothie lovers like me, a runny concoction can be a major put off. Let's take a look at some ways on how to make a smoothie thicker, using incredibly simple-to-find ingredients.
Tastessence Staff
Drinking smoothies with ingredients like kale and spinach, can help clear troubled skin and also lend it instant radiance.
When it comes to smoothies, I'm unapologetically edacious―I can have one in the morning, noon, and night. When I first started making smoothies, I experimented with different ways on how to thicken it, or make it more palatable (if say, the spinach was too overpowering). A smoothie can be made using both fruits and vegetables, or either on their own. Don't be afraid to add spices and herbs to your smoothie for a punch of flavor; the results are quite exceptional.

You get a douse of all kinds of wonderful nutrients, by using fresh, wholesome produce. Before preparing a smoothie, ensure that you wash raw ingredients, thoroughly. My idea of Elysium? Free-flowing smoothies for all! Nothing is quite soothing than sipping on a chilled, tall glass of smoothie goodness, on a quiescent, lovely day.
How to Thicken a Smoothie
Frozen Fruits
This is one of my favorite add-ons for a smoothie, because it supplies a luscious, thick consistency that you cannot help but love. Just go easy on how much you add, since fruits contain naturally-occurring sugars that spell trouble, even if handed down to us by Nature herself. Frozen fruits that contain a rich pulpiness like mango, banana, avocado, strawberries, and peaches, are incomparably excellent as smoothie thickeners. Berries of all kinds, are an exception to this rule!
Coconut Meat
Oh. My. God. Who doesn't adore coconuts, right? It's amazing how it comes in two varieties―hard and soft. Grated, powdered, milked, or raw, a coconut is a smoothie's best friend. The coconut meat adds just the right amount of thickness, while diffusing its flavorsome magic. Why do you think a piña colada tastes so darn good? Go easy on this ingredient though, since coconuts aren't kind when it comes to calories. Half a cup of coconut meat should do the trick per serving.
Chia Seeds
Before you turn away from this ingredient suggestion, let me implore you to consider this mind-boggling add-on. What you may not know about chia seeds, is that when soaked in a bowlful of water, they can acquire a beautiful plumpness called chia gel! Chia gel can be bought from your everyday convenience store, but it can also be made at home with just 2 cups of water and 4 tbsp. of chia seeds (save the extra for later). Add this directly to a smoothie until it reaches the right consistency; its extraordinary thickness will leave you wanting more.
Kefir grains are made from fermented milk and are used in other liquids for fermentation. For smoothies, adding kefir grains is not an uncommon practice in the kitchen. Not only does it add an adequate amount of thickness to a smoothie, but it expels a velvety texture, that if added only to a glassful, can be quite delightful for your taste buds. While making a smoothie, it is always better to prepare one serving at a time, to have more control over the amount of ingredients added.
Nut Butter
Who wouldn't love some buttery goodness in their smoothie? Because nut butters are usually thick in texture, they serve as a great thickening ingredient. Nut butters have the ability to offer not just a lovely, creamy base, but vital nutrients and a heartwarming flavor. Peanut, almond, and cashew nut butters, are favorites of smoothie-holics. 1-2 tbsp. of any nut butter, will give a smoothie just the right amount of thickness. Just be sure your other ingredients aren't calorie-rich like this one.
Xanthan Gum
This intriguing ingredient will change the way you make a smoothie, forever. Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide that is derived from a bacterium called Xanthomonas campestris, and is used frequently in dishes as a thickening agent. Would you believe me if I said, just ½ a tsp. of this added to your smoothie, will turn it into an ambrosial drink? It's true! Some say just 1 tsp. is all it takes to get that unbelievable thickness, but it'd be better to add just ½ a tsp., gradually adding more if necessary.
It's not just a toothsome addition to a smoothie, but a fabulous source of omega-3s, which honestly, most of us don't get enough of. Flaxseed is best consumed in powdered form, which a blender will gladly pulverize for you. Consume it in small quantities, at first―it is rich in fiber and has to be gradually introduced to the body. While it won't offer your smoothie heavenly thickness, it will reduce its runny consistency.
Non-Fat Flavored Yogurt or Greek Yogurt
Need we say more? Non-fat flavored yogurt is a tad better than its regular counterpart, since it contains less-fattening ingredients. It also swerves you away from additional calories without losing its vivacious flavor. Greek yogurt's thickness is revered in the smoothie world, because it's a healthier alternative to regular yogurt. Plus, its natural thickness makes it an instant favorite in the kitchen. For many smoothie lovers, Greek yogurt is a requisite ingredient; I couldn't agree more!
Good ol' fashioned oats; its nutty flavor doesn't overwhelm a smoothie's overall taste, in the least. Just ½ a cup of this added to a serving, can give a smoothie the oomph it lacks. Just let the blender blitz the mixture a little longer than usual, since leftover gritty bits can be annoying to pick off your tongue.
Smoothies are a godsend for fitness junkies, where even ordinary folk can take advantage of this quick-to-prepare drink. All you need is a trusty blender and you're good to go! Experiment with alternative ingredients that you think can turn a smoothie around, but be sure to balance each one's quantity to avoid accumulating the extra calories.