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Check Out These 2 Ridiculously Easy Ways of Freezing Broccoli

2 Ways of Freezing Broccoli
Broccoli is one vegetable that can be frozen for as long as a year. Tastessence will tell you how to freeze broccoli in 2 different ways.
Swati Takale
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Quick Tip!
Allow the broccoli pieces to dry before placing them in the freezer. This will retain the taste and crispiness.
Fresh broccoli is abundant during the summer months of June and July. This vegetable is a delicacy for soups, stews, side-dishes, and other recipes in many forms like boiled, roasted, or stir-fried. Hence, you might wish to enjoy it even when it is out of season, especially during winter. But how? It's simple! Just freeze farm-fresh broccoli and savor it any time of the year.

Now, the question arises, will freezing affect the nutritional value of broccoli, since it is a rich source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The answer is, 'not at all'. Studies have found that frozen broccoli contains more nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and folic acid, as compared to fresh harvest. So, here, we have compiled two different ways in which you can store loads of broccoli in your refrigerator.
Freeze With Blanching
Note: If you are planning on freezing broccoli for around a year, then you should probably opt for this method.
1. While harvesting or purchasing broccoli, choose fresh ones with green florets that are tight and intact.
Fresh Whole Broccoli
Fresh Whole Broccoli
2. Wash the whole broccoli in plain, cold, running water under the tap. This will remove any traces of dirt or pesticides.
Washing broccoli under tap water
Washing Broccoli
3. With the help of a sparing knife, split the broccoli into separate florets of not more than 1½-inch thickness. Remove the leaves, cut off the thick stem, and set aside.
Cutting florets of broccoli
Cutting Broccoli
4. Cut off and discard the thick, tough bottom of the stem. Peel and cut the tender portion of the stem into ½-inch thick pieces.
5. Soak the broccoli pieces in brine (4 teaspoons salt mixed with 1 gallon water) for 30 minutes, to remove insects or bugs if any. Remove, rinse under tap water, and drain in a colander.
Draining broccoli in colander
Draining Broccoli in Colander
6. Blanching
Note: Blanching deactivates the food's enzyme action and minimizes the chances of food poisoning.

There are three ways in which broccoli can be blanched.

Boiling Water: Put a large pot filled with water on the stove and bring the water to boil on medium heat. Drop the broccoli pieces into the pot of boiling water and cook for 2 minutes. Do not overcook, else it may turn mushy.
Blanching broccoli in boiling water
Blanching Broccoli in Boiling Water
Steam: Place a layer of broccoli in a wire basket, and suspend in steamer above rapidly boiling water. Cover and steam for 5 minutes.

Microwave: Place the broccoli pieces in a casserole dish with water and cover. Keep the dish in the microwave and heat it according to the directions given by the manufacturer.
7. Drain the pieces of broccoli and immediately transfer them to a large bowl of ice water.
Broccoli in ice water
Broccoli in Ice Water
8. Place the chilled broccoli pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze for 1 - 2 hours.
9. Transfer the frozen broccoli pieces in freezer bags (remove excess air) or suitable air-tight containers and freeze. Label the freezer bag with the date so that you know how long they can remain in the freezer suitable for consumption.
Freezing broccoli in freezer bag
Broccoli in Freezer Bag
Freeze Raw
Note: If you are planning on freezing broccoli for a few weeks, then this the best option to preserve this vegetable.
This method is basically the same, with the only difference being that the blanching step is skipped here. This is how to freeze broccoli without blanching:
  1. Wash whole broccoli.
  2. Cut it into pieces (florets and peeled stems).
  3. Soak in brine for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse the pieces under running tap water.
  5. Drain and dry them thoroughly.
  6. Pack in freezer bags, label the bags with the date, and put them in the freezer.
Freezing with the blanched method will allow you to enjoy the same taste and quality as of fresh broccoli for up to 12 months. However, after that, it is better to discard it to stay away from any sort of ill-effects on your health.
Freshly picked broccoli on display at a farmer's market.
Fresh broccoli
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Green Broccoli
Broccoli, Isolated
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