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Vodka Martini Recipe

This 007 Vodka Martini Recipe Will Leave You Shaken and Stirred

Vodka martini, the famous James Bond drink, which he prefers to be known as Vesper, has increased in popularity in the twentieth century. This article should help you with some easy recipes.
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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
The two main ingredients of a vodka martini are vodka and vermouth. I am sure you know all about vodka and vermouth. Vodka is a popular liquor, a gift from Eastern European countries, and is made by fermenting potatoes and grains. It has been around a long time and was introduced in the mid 1900s to the rest of the world, making it an instant hit. There are several vodka mixed drinks that are loved by vodka lovers all around the world. Vermouth, on the other hand, is a fortified wine, made from various spices. When mixed together, the resultant vodka martini is one of the most popular drinks around the globe.
Classic Vodka Martini
  • Vodka, 4 oz.
  • Vermouth, ½ oz.
  • Lots of ice
  • Few olives
  • Some lemon peel
  • Stylish martini glasses
  • A cocktail shaker
  • Place the bottle of vodka in the freezer. Let it chill for quite some time before you start making the martini.
  • Keep the glasses in the freezer too, to chill them nicely. Martini, when chilled, tastes best.
  • Fill the cocktail shaker up with ice.
  • Pour in the vermouth in the cocktail shaker, lining the ice cubes.
  • Without shaking the ice, carefully strain any extra vermouth into a glass.
  • Pour in the chilled vodka into the cocktail shaker.
  • Stir the vodka, ice and vermouth slowly with the help of a stirrer.
  • Take out the cold martini glasses and pour in the vodka martini in them.
  • Add a couple of olives or a martini pick with a couple of olives. If lemon peel works for you, you could replace the olives with a twisted lemon peel.
  • Enjoy your drink cold.
Dry Vodka Martini
  • Vodka, 6 oz.
  • Dry vermouth, 1½ tsp.
  • Loads of ice
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Cocktail stirrer
  • Martini glasses
  • A couple of lemon peels
  • Olives
  • Place the bottle of vodka in the freezer and allow it to be nice and cold.
  • Similarly, place the martini glasses in the freezer too. You could add some ice to the glasses to chill them.
  • In the shaker, put in lots of ice and add the vermouth to it. Slowly add the chilled vodka, lemon peels and gently stir the mixture with the stirrer.
  • Take out the glasses from the freezer or if you have cooled them with ice, then drain the ice from the glass.
  • Strain and pour in the martini and garnish with an olive or two.
Dirty Vodka Martini
  • Vodka, 6 oz.
  • Dry vermouth, 2 oz.
  • Olive brine, 1 oz.
  • Lots of ice
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Olives for garnishing
  • Keep the vodka and the cocktail glasses in the freezer so that they can be chilled.
  • Fill three fourth of the cocktail shaker with ice.
  • First, add the vermouth and lace it with the ice.
  • Add the chilled vodka and the olive brine.
  • Stir the mixture slowly and ensure that all the ingredients blend in well.
  • Strain the martini in the chilled glass and garnish with an olive or two.
As you can see from the above, there are several recipes to make a vodka martini. If you are feel like experimenting, then you could add any fruit juice to the vodka martini creating different cocktails, else you could try mixing the drink with any of the numerous flavors of vodka.
Dirty Vodka Martini
Dry Vodka Martini
Classic Vodka Martini